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Michiko M. Nakano Ph.D.

    • Research Professor EH.Environmental & Biomolecular Systems

Research interests: Anaerobiosis of Bacillus subtilis; oxygen-controlled gene regulation; two-component signal transduction system; transcriptional activation; nitrate/nitrite reductases; flavohemoglobin; anaerobic electron transport; nitric oxide signaling.


  • "Global transcriptional control by NsrR in Bacillus subtilis" Journal of Bacteriology April 2012
  • "Regulation of Respiratory Genes by ResD-ResE Signal Transduction System in Bacillus subtilis" Methods in Enzymology  2007
  • "Involvement of ResE phosphatase activity in down-regulation of ResD-controlled genes in Bacillus subtilis during aerobic growth" Journal of Bacteriology  2001
  • "Identification of the minimal replication region of the multicopy Streptomyces plasmid pSL1" Plasmid  1987
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  • "Characterization of anaerobic fermentative growth of Bacillus subtilis" Journal of Bacteriology November 1997
  • "Spectroscopic studies of metal binding and metal selectivity in Bacillus subtilis BSco, a homologue of the yeast mitochondrial protein Sco1p" Journal of the American Chemical Society November 30 2005
  • "spxA2, encoding a regulator of stress resistance in Bacillus anthracis, is controlled by SaiR, a new member of the Rrf2 protein family" Molecular Microbiology November 1 2014
  • "Nitric oxide dioxygenation reaction in devS and the initial response to nitric oxide in mycobacterium tuberculosis" Biochemistry February 15 2011
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  • "Nitric oxide-sensitive and -insensitive interaction of Bacillus subtilis NsrR with a ResDE-controlled promoter" Molecular Microbiology December 2010
  • "Mutations conferring amino acid residue substitutions in the carboxy-terminal domain of RNA polymerase α can suppress clpX and clpP with respect to developmentally regulated transcription in Bacillus subtilis" Molecular Microbiology  2000

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