Headshot photo of Mauricio Sousa, D.D.S., MSc, Ph.D.<span class="profile__pronouns"> (he/him)</span>

Mauricio Sousa, D.D.S., MSc, Ph.D. (he/him)

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Department of Oral Rehabilitation & Integrative Biosciences, School of Dentistry
  • CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine


Mauricio Sousa is a postdoctoral researcher at the Knight Cancer Precision Biofabrication Hub at the Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR). He is also a fellow of the T90/R90 (NIDCR) training grant at the School of Dentistry (OHSU). He received his BSE in dentistry in 2014 at the Catholic University of Brasilia, a Master’s in health sciences in 2017 at the University of Brasilia, and a Ph.D. in Genomic Sciences and Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Brasilia. Mauricio started at OHSU in 2021, after being funded with the fellowship for diversity in research.  His major interests include oral biology, bone biology, tissue engineering, cellular communication, host-microbiome interactions in cancer, and organs on a chip.

Education and training

    • D.D.S., 2014, Catholic University of Brasilia
    • MSc, 2017, University of Brasilia
    • Ph.D., 2021, Catholic University of Brasilia
  • Fellowship

    • OFIDR (2021-2022)
    • T90/R90 NIDCR training grant (2022-2024)

Areas of interest

  • Tissue engineering, oral biology, biomaterials.



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