Headshot photo of Madeline Tomaske, B.S.<span class="profile__pronouns"> (she/her)</span>

Madeline Tomaske, B.S. (she/her)

  • Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, School of Medicine


Madeline is a Biomedical Engineering Phd student starting Fall of 2022. She graduated from Humboldt State university with a BS in cellular/molecular biology and minors in chemistry and zoology. Following this, she briefly worked at a biotech company before joining Dr. Calvin Kuo's lab at Stanford School of Medicine as a research assistant where the main focus of her work was to engineer clear cell renal cell carcinoma using the lab's unique organoid model system. Here at OHSU and CEDAR in Dr. Thuy Ngo's lab, Madeline will apply her background in organoid modeling to study cell-cell communication through extracellular vesicles particularly pertaining to liver cancer.



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