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Linh Le

  •      (503) 679-2314
    • System/Application Analyst Library

Develop feasibility studies and cost/benefit analysis of proposed software purchases.

Provide application support and maintenance to existing library applications. Perform analysis of existing applications for simplification or enhanced functionality. Create and maintain documentation for applications, procedures, and user instructions for library staff and users.

Create customized scripts and web interfaces to support application needs of staff.

Develop system interface solutions between library systems and with the University systems.

Participate in determining requirements for new computer applications and systems and evaluate vendor responses based on staff requirements and support needs.

Work with ITG staff and vendors for installation, troubleshooting, and repair on library computer equipment, library applications and software.

Install and test upgrades and new releases to vendor-purchased software. Develop test plans and conduct testing on new software.

Manage library proxy server.

Develop and/or edit web pages related to library systems and technologies.

Prepare and maintain library equipment budget.

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