Jorge Kaufmann, ND, MS


Jorge Kaufmann is a biostatistician with the Department of Family Medicine research team at Oregon Health and Science University. Driven to improve person and population-level health, he utilizes electronic health records and survey data to help identify disparities in health care utillization, delivery, and outcomes, as well as effects of health policy/program implementation. Jorge’s analytic work is enhanced by his history of teaching medical sciences, as well as prior clinical work as a naturopathic physician. Curiosity, methodology, and communication are the central tenets that guide his approach in the workplace and elsewhere.


Off the clock, you can try to catch Jorge on bicycle, climbing the longest, steepest, paved roads around. He has without bias, robustly declared that the probability exists of him one day winning a bicycle race, regardless of its significance!

Education and training

    • B.S., 1997, University of New Hampshire
    • N.D., 2004, National University of Natural Medicine
    • M.S., 2017, Oregon Health and Science University



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