Headshot photo of Jonah Hocum

Jonah Hocum

  • Computational biologist


Jonah is a computational biologist on the Precision Oncology team. Responsibilities include:

- Research and apply methods to analyze omics data

- Contribute to SMMART clinical trial data analysis and research

- Contribute to the OHSU Galaxy toolkit

Education and training

  • Degrees

    • B.S., 2012, Lewis-Clark State College

Areas of interest

  • Cancer biology
  • Multiomics
  • Machine learning
  • Python


Selected publications

  • Bii, V. M. et al. Replication-incompetent gammaretroviral and lentiviral vector-based insertional mutagenesis screens identify prostate cancer progression genes. Oncotarget 9, 15451–15463 (2018).
  • Hocum, J. D. et al. Retargeted Foamy Virus Vectors Integrate Less Frequently Near Proto-oncogenes. Sci. Rep. 6, 36610 (2016).
  • Adair, J. E. et al. Semi-automated closed system manufacturing of lentivirus gene-modified haematopoietic stem cells for gene therapy. Nat. Commun. 7, 13173 (2016).
  • Hocum, J. D. et al. VISA - Vector Integration Site Analysis server: a web-based server to rapidly identify retroviral integration sites from next-generation sequencing. BMC Bioinformatics 16, 212 (2015).


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