Jennifer Hall, MPH

  • Senior Research Associate, Qualitative Team Lead, Family Medicine, School of Medicine


Jennifer Hall, MPH is a Senior Research Associate working with Debbie Cohen, PhD. She joined Family Medicine in 2013 and leads the qualitative data collection and analyses for several evaluations and studies. She also oversees a growing team of research associates who specialize in qualitative research. Hall's current work includes SPIRIT, a comparative effectiveness trial designed to compare two approaches to managing PTSD and bipolar disorder in FQHCs; The Effects of Statewide Comprehensive Integrated Care for Medicaid Enrollees, which studies Washington State’s Integrated Managed Care initiative; ESCALATES, a mixed-methods national evaluation to improve cardiovascular health across the U.S; and the Washington State Medicaid Transformation (MTP), a mixed-methods evaluation of the 1115 Medicaid demonstration waiver which was designed to address local health priorities, deliver high-quality, cost-effective, whole-person care, and create a sustainable link between clinical and community-based services.

Education and training

    • B.A., 2006, Hampshire College, Medical Anthropology
    • M.P.H., 2012, Portland State University, Health Promotion: Community Health

Memberships and associations:

  • North American Primary Care Research Group

Areas of interest

  • Qualitative Methods
  • Mixed Methods Research
  • Behavioral Health Integration
  • Health Policy
  • Medicaid
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Population Health & Primary Care


Selected publications

  • Wagner J, Hall JD, Ross R, Cameron DC, Sachdeva B, Kansagara D, Cohen DJ, Dorr DA. (In-press) Implementing risk stratification in primary care: challenges, considerations, and strategies. JABFM. 2019.
  • Hemler JR, Hall JD, Cholan RA, Crabtree B, Cohen DJ, Damschroder, Solberg L, Ono S. Practice Facilitation Strategies in Using Electronic Health Record Data for Quality Improvement. JABFM. 2018; 31(3):398-409
  • Cohen DJ, Dorr DA, Knierim K, DuBard CA, Hemler JR, Hall JD, Marino M, Solberg L, McConnell KJ, Nichols LM, Nease DE, Edwards ST, Wu WY, Pham-Singer H, Kho AN, Phillips RL, Rasmussen LV, Duffy D, Balasubramanian BA. Use of Electronic Health Records for Quality Measurement and Improvement in Primary Care. Health Affairs. 2018; 37:4:668-675.
  • Harding RL, Hall JD, Devoe JE, Gold R, Angier H, Sumic A, Nelson, C, Likumahuwa S, Cohen DJ. Maintaining Public Health Insurance Benefits: How Primary Care Clinics Help Keep Low-Income Patients Insured. Association for Patient Experience. 2017;4(3):261-69.
  • Sweeney S, Hall JD, Ono S, Gordon L, Cameron DC, Hemler JR, Solberg L, Crabtree BF, Cohen DJ. Recruiting Practices for Change Initiatives is Hard: Findings from EvidenceNow. Medical Care. 2017;[epub ahead of print 10.1177/1062860617728791]
  • Hartung D, Hall JD, Haverly S, Cameron DC, Alley L, Hildebran C, O’Kane N, Cohen DJ. Pharmacists’ Role in Opioid Safety: A Focus Group Investigation. Pain Medicine. 2017;[epub ahead of print]
  • Hall JD, Harding RL, DeVoe JE, Gold R, Angier H, Sumic A, Nelson, C, Likumahuwa S, Cohen DJ. Designing Health Information Technology Tools to Prevent Gaps in Public Health Insurance. Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics. 2017;4(2):196–203.
  • Cottrell E, Hall JD, Kautz G, Angier H, Likumahuwa-Ackman S, Sisulak L, Keller S, Cameron DC, DeVoe J, Cohen DJ. Reporting from the Front Lines: Implementing Oregon’s Alternative Payment and Care Model in Community Health Centers. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. 2017;40(4)339-46.
  • Kroening-Roche J, Hall JD, Cameron DC, Rowland R, Cohen DJ. Integrating Behavioral Health under an ACO Global Budget: Barriers and Progress in Oregon. American Journal of Managed Care. 2017;23(9):294-300
  • Hall JD, Cohen DJ, Davis M, Gunn R, Blount AS, Pollack DA, Miller WL, Smith C, Valenine N, Miller BF. Preparing the Workforce for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine : JABFM. 2015;28 Suppl 1:S41-51.


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