Hisham Mohammed, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Molecular and Medical Genetics, School of Medicine
  • Scientist, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics, School of Medicine


We work on understanding the fundamentals of epigenetic and transcriptional regulation in hormone driven cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. Our primary areas of interest include -  

Hormone receptor crosstalk and receptor function

Hisham Mohammed, Alasdair Russell, Rory Stark, Oscar M. Rueda, Theresa E. Hickey, Suraj Menon, Amel Saadi, Ganesh V. Raj, Gordon D. Brown, Clive D’Santos, Jessica L. L. Robinson, Charles M. Perou, Aurelien A. A. Serandour, Rosalind Launchbury, John Stingl, Carlos Caldas, Wayne D. Tilley and Jason S. Carroll -Progesterone receptor redirects estrogen receptor-achromatin binding in breast cancer to elicit good clinical outcome, Nature (July, 2015)

Hisham Mohammed, Clive D’Santos, Aurelien A. Serandour, H. Raza Ali, Gordon. D. Brown, Alan Atkins, Oscar M. Rueda, Kelly A Holmes, Vasiliki Theodorcou, Wilbert Zwart, Jessica L. L. Robinson, Amel Saadi, Caryn S. Ross-Innes, Suet-Feung Chin, Suraj Menon, John Stingl, Carlo Palmieri, Carlos Caldas and Jason S. Carroll-Endogenous purification reveals GREB1 as a key Estrogen Receptor regulatory factor, Cell Reports (Feb 2013)    

Proteomics approaches to investigate transcription factor complexes

Hisham Mohammed, Christopher Taylor, Gordon Brown, Eva Papachristou, Jason Carroll, Clive D’Santos-Rapid Immunoprecipitation and Mass Spectrometry of Endogenous Proteins. Nature protocols (Jan 2016)

Single-cell multi-omic approaches to connect underlying tumor heterogeneity with hormone response

Hisham Mohammed, Irene Herraez, Aurora Savino, Antonio Scialdone, Iain Macauley, Carla Mulas, Simon Andrews, Tamir Chandra, Thierry Voet, Shankar Srinivas, Wendy Dean , Jenny Nichols, John Marioni& Wolf Reik –Single-cell transcriptomics reveals key regulatory mechanisms in early post-implantation mouse embryogenesis, Cell Reports (Aug 2017)Argelaguet R, Mohammed H, Clark SJ, Stapel LC, Krueger C, Kapourani C-A, et al.

Single cell multi-omics profiling reveals a hierarchical epigenetic landscape during mammalian germ layer specification. bioRxiv. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Jan 2019)



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