Headshot photo of Francis I. Valiyaveetil, Ph.D.

Francis I. Valiyaveetil, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry, School of Medicine
  • Neuroscience Graduate Program, School of Medicine
  • Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine


Probing Functional Mechanisms in Channels and Transporters

We are investigating functional mechanisms that govern molecular recognition and conformational dynamics in ion channels and transporters.  In our investigations, we use a multidisciplinary approach that combines unnatural mutagenesis with structural studies using x-ray crystallography.  We also carry out functional measurements using electrophysiology and investigate protein dynamics using EPR and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Education and training

    • B.S., 1990, Chemistry, University of Mumbai, India
    • M.S., 1992, Biotechnology, IIT-Mumbai, India
    • Ph.D., 1999, Biomolecular Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Fellowship

    • 2005 Postdoctoral (Molecular Neurobiology and Peptide Chemistry), Rockefeller University

Areas of interest

  • Unnatural amino acid mutagenesis of membrane proteins
  • Ion conduction and voltage gating in K+ channels
  • Transport mechanism in glutamate transporters
  • Folding of membrane proteins

Honors and awards

  • 2007 - Pew Scholar Award
  • 1992 - Cremer Research Fellowship



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