Curtis A. Machida, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Integrative Biosciences, School of Dentistry
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, School of Medicine


  • Ph.D., 1982, Oregon Health & Science University

Honors and awards

  • R15DE024317-01 and Supplement Award Machida (PI) 09/15/14 –08/31/17 NIH/NIDCR "Dominant Mutans Streptococci Genetic Strains in Caries-Active Children"

Memberships and associations

  • Scientific Advisory Board, Journal of Endodontics
  • Editorial Board, Molecular Biotech, Frontiers in Bioscience, Int J Biomed Sciences
  • Course Director, Integrative Biosciences 701, 702 and 703 (Teaching focus: Biochemistry)
  • Contributor, Mock NBDE Review Course (IB 705 –Review speaker in Biochemistry)
  • Editorial Board, Oral Biology and Dentistry
  • NIH ZRG1-MOSS-U82 Special Emphasis Panel (Oral and Skin Sciences)


Selected publications

  • Li, H., V. Chen, Y. Chen, J. C. Baumgartner, and C. A. Machida. (2009). Herpesviruses in endodontic pathoses: Association of Epstein-Barr virus with irreversible pulpitis and apical periodontitits. J Endodontics 35(1):23-29. PMID: 19084119.
  • Chen, V., Y. Chen, H. Li, K. Kent, J. C. Baumgartner, and C. A. Machida. (2009). Herpesviruses in abscesses and cellulitis of endodontic origin. J Endodontics 35(2):182-88. PMCID: PMC 2661131.
  • Pellegrini, P., R. Sauerwein, T. Finlayson, J. Kimmell, D. Covell, Jr., T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2009). Plaque retention by self-ligating versus elastomeric orthodontic brackets: Quantitative comparison of oral bacteria and detection using ATP-driven bioluminescence. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 135:426.e1-426.e9. PMID 193166769.
  • Ton That, V., S. Nguyen, D. Poon, W. S. Monahan, R. Sauerwein, D. C. Lafferty, L. M. Teasdale, A. L. Rice, W. Carter, T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2010). Bioluminescent lux gene biosensors in oral streptococci: Determination of complementary antimicrobial activity of minocycline hydrochloride with the anesthetic lidocaine/prilocaine or the antiseptic chlorhexidine. In: Periodontitis: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
  • Fazilat, S., R. Sauerwein, J. Kimmell, T. Finlayson, J. Engle, P. Gagneja, T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2010). Application of ATP bioluminescence for quantification of plaque bacteria and assessment of oral hygiene in children. Pediatric Dentistry 32(3):195-204. PMID 20557702.
  • Buck, T., P. Pellegrini, R. Sauerwein, D. C. Covell, Jr., T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2011). Elastomeric-ligated vs. self-ligating appliances: A pilot study examining microbial colonization and white spot lesion formation after one year of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics: The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement 12(2):108-21. PMID 21935504.
  • Palmer, E. A., T. Nielsen, P. Peirano, A. T. Nguyen, A. Vo, A. Nguyen, S. Jackson, T. Finlayson, R. Sauerwein, K. Marsh, I. Edwards, B. Wilmot, J. Engle, J. Peterson, T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2012). Children with severe early-childhood caries: Pilot study examining mutans streptococci genotypic strains after full-mouth caries restorative therapy. Pediatric Dentistry 34(2):e1-e10 (e- publication). PMCID: PMC3828076.
  • Palmer, E. A., A. Vo, S. B. Hiles, P. Peirano, S. Chaudhry, A. Trevor, I. Kasimi, J. Pollard, C. Kyles, M. Leo, B. Wilmot, J. Engle, J. Peterson, T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2012). Children with severe early childhood caries: Mutans streptococci genetic strains persist one-year post-caries restorative therapy. J Oral Microbiol. Vol. 4 (e-publication). PMCID: PMC3523314.
  • Gilbert, K. C., A. Sonesson, N. Nguyen, U. Nguyen, A. Vo, E. A. Palmer, T. Maier, and C. A. Machida. (2014). Mutans streptococci genetic strains in children with severe early childhood caries: Implications for caries incidence and treatment outcome. In: Epidemiology: Theory, Research and Practice. iConcept Press.
  • Gilbert, K. C., R. Joseph, A. Vo, T. Patel, S. Chaudhry, U. Nguyen, A. Trevor, E. Robinson, M. Campbell, J. McLennan, F. Houran, K. Flann, M. Wages, E. A. Palmer, J. Peterson, J. Engle, T. Maier and C. A. Machida. (2014). Children with severe early childhood caries: Streptococci genetic strains within carious and white spot lesions. J Oral Microbiol. Vol. 6 (e-publication). PMCID: PMC 4216391.


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