Colleen Schierholtz, MS

  • Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Division of Physician Assistant Education, School of Medicine


Colleen is the program's Director of Admissions and Recruitment. She has been with the program since November, 1994 and has served of Director of Admissions since December, 1996. As Director of Admissions, In 2019 she completed a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy degree at Portland State University.  Ms. Schierholtz is primarily responsible for all admissions and recruitment activities. She works with community college and university advisors statewide to develop pre-PA advising curricula for prospective applicants and to develop strategies to encourage a diverse applicant pool. Colleen is a member of the OHSU Student Health Advisory Committee and several OHSU admissions/recruitment focused committees.  She previously served as a committee member on the Physician Assistant Education Association's Recruitment & Admissions Advisory Council.



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