Headshot photo of Benjamin Skubi, M.S.<span class="profile__pronouns"> (he/him)</span>

Benjamin Skubi, M.S. (he/him)

  • Graduate Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, School of Medicine


Ben Skubi is joining OHSU as a Biomedical Engineering PhD student. He completed his MS in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, where he worked in the Shea Lab on aptamers for in vivo biosensors. Following this, he undertook a four-month internship at Wayfinder Biosciences in Seattle during the summer of 2023, focusing on RNA aptamer switch-based platform technologies. At OHSU, Ben will be researching single-cell cancer epigenetics under the guidance of Gürkan Yardimci and Andrew Adey, balancing both wet and dry lab responsibilities. Prior to his venture into biomedical engineering, Ben earned a BA in Music Composition from Reed College and worked as a music teacher. Outside of his academic pursuits, he enjoys backpacking, snorkeling in Puget Sound, robotics, and programming. He also maintains a deep appreciation for music, the arts, and the vibrant food scene in Portland. With his return to the Pacific Northwest, Ben looks forward to contributing to his new role at OHSU.



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