Headshot photo of Benjamin Kingston, Ph.D.

Benjamin Kingston, Ph.D.

  • Senior Research Associate, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine


Benjamin Kingston joins CEDAR as a Research Engineer 3 after completing his PhD in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto. During Benjamin’s PhD he focused on improving the use of nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for cancer therapy by developing microscopy and image analysis tools to interrogate nanoparticle-tumor interactions. At CEDAR Benjamin looks forward to further developing microscopy, spatial omics, and nanoparticle technologies for applications in cancer diagnostics and personalized medicine. Prior to his PhD Benjamin worked in research and development at STEMCELL Technologies in Vancouver, Canada, and he received his BSc in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada in 2012. He enjoys being outside fishing, canoeing, hiking, snowboarding, gardening, backpacking, and playing ice hockey. Benjamin is excited to work with everyone at CEDAR and looks forward to applying his expertise and knowledge to new scientific challenges.



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