Photo of Benjamin Hoffman, M.D., CPST-I, F.A.A.P.

Benjamin Hoffman M.D., CPST-I, F.A.A.P.

    • Professor of Pediatrics, Division of General Pediatrics School of Medicine
    • Medical Director, Tom Sargent Safety Center
    • Director, Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs (OCCYSHN)

Dr. Hoffman is a nationally recognized injury prevention specialist, and general pediatrician at Doernbecher. He provides comprehensive care to children and teens of all ages, from well-child care to management of complex medical issues.


  • M.D., Harvard Medical School 1992
  • Residency:

    • Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Certifications:

    • American Board of Pediatrics

Memberships and associations

  • American Academy of Pediatrics


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