Cosmetic Care

Eyelid and facial surgery to enhance your facial features

As we age, changes can happen to our face that make us look older than we feel. Cosmetic surgery can help rejuvenate your face and make you look and feel younger. OHSU Casey Eye Institute's Facial Aesthetic Surgery Center includes surgeons and specialists that have advanced training in performing cosmetic surgeries to enhance and refresh your appearance. Together, we can help you look your absolute best.

Our expertise

Our skilled specialists have decades of experience in cosmetic and oculofacial plastic surgery. We offer:

  • Board-certified and fellowship trained surgeons with advanced training in plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Experience in the most advanced minimally invasive techniques to improve facial appearance and speed recovery.
  • Professional skin care services from our licensed aesthetician, to help rejuvenate your skin and assist with pre and post-surgical skin care.
  • Leadership in the field, which means you receive care from doctors who are renowned for their contributions to clinical care and research, are invited to share their work at national and global meetings, train future surgeons in the field and hold positions in national organizations.

Our doctors

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Start with a consultation

Our process starts with a full and individualized consultation with you so we can understand your concerns and evaluate how we might be able to help. After that evaluation, we will recommend surgical or other procedures that can provide the results you're hoping for. Call 503-494-3004 to schedule yours today.

Cosmetic surgeries we offer

At our center, all surgical procedures and injections are done by our board certified physicians and surgeons who have been performing rejuvenating procedures in Portland for decades, from eyelid and face lifts to Botox and cosmetic fillers.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, smooths wrinkles and removes years from your appearance by removing sagging skin on your upper eyelids and the fat "bags" under your eyes that can make you look older or tired. Sagging upper eyelids can, in severe cases, also impair vision and correction of this is often then covered by your insurance.

The procedure involves making tiny incisions in the lid’s natural folds, and then closing them with fine sutures to avoid noticeable scarring. The surgeon may also use a laser to minimize swelling and bruising, sculpting the area and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Virtually all patients go home the same day. Most patients are recovered and back to work within a couple weeks.

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Forehead lift or brow lift

A forehead lift is a surgical procedure that surgically places the eyebrows back into a more youthful position through small incisions hidden behind the hairline.  This smooths the forehead skin and relieves much if not all of the strain of raising the brows to see.  This can even functionally improve vision if low-set eyebrows are interfering with your peripheral vision. Many patients who have brow lifts also have eyelid surgery.

Most often, the incisions are hidden behind the hairline. Brow lifts can be done as microsurgery, which can mean smaller, less noticeable incisions. Virtually all patients go home the same day. Recovery typically takes seven to 10 days.  For functional brow lifts (covered by insurance), an incision is made through the skin immediately above the brow.  This is referred to as a direct brow lift and its applications are limited.

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Face lifts

As we age, our cheeks and neck may sag, jowls form at our jaw line and the furrows around our mouth and lips get deeper. Together, all of this can create a sad and tired look. A face lift can significantly reverse these signs of aging.

Our specialists can perform face lifts under “twilight anesthesia” or general anesthesia. Incisions are carefully hidden around the ear and under the chin. The skin and underlying facial tissues are then adjusted into a more youthful position completely avoiding a “done” look.  

We perform several kinds of face lifts. A consultation with Dr. Dailey can help you decide which one might be right for you. Any of these procedures can be combined with cheek or chin implants. However, with improved soft tissues fillers, we find that we are putting in fewer implants and utilizing the fillers more to take care of cheek and chin projection/volume issues.

  • Mid-face lift: Mid-face areas are the two triangle areas defined by the inner and outer corners of the eye and the corner of the mouth. A mid-face lift can help reduce wrinkles and give you fuller-looking cheekbones, helping you look younger.
  • Lower face lift: A lower face lift elevates jowls below your jawline and reverses the signs of aging in the lower portion of the face and neck.
  • "Mini," or short-incision face lift: A mini, or short-incision face lift is helpful for people focused on rejuvenating their lower face and diminishing their jowls. The incisions are less extensive than for other face lifts and the surgery can be performed in less time and with less expense.
  • Neck Lift: In patients younger than 45-50, a neck rejuvenation can be performed either with liposuction alone and or through a small incision under the chin.

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Treatment combinations

Many patients prefer to have a facelift surgery at the same time as an eyelid or forehead lift surgery. That allows for a single recovery period and is more cost effective. We will also perform dermal filler procedures at the same time as facelifts, or shortly after. The combination can reduce the amount of surgery needed and bring excellent results.

Is a facelift possible without surgery?

The faces of some patients have little sagging of soft tissue. They may simply have an issue with a loss of fullness or volume in their face. In these cases, adding volume to the face with cosmetic or dermal fillers can give them a significantly younger look -- without surgery.  Fractional laser skin treatments can also help patients delay facial surgery by making the skin smoother and younger looking. 

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After surgery

After any facelift, there will be bruising and swelling. Pain is normally minimal and can be controlled with oral medication. Your bandages will be removed in our office a day or two after surgery. Sutures are removed in one to two weeks. Healing is a gradual process. Most patients will look normal (with make-up) within two weeks of surgery. 

Aesthetician Andrea Fontana with a client makeup.

Pre- and post-operative skin care

The health of your skin is crucial immediately before and after cosmetic surgery. Our licensed aesthetician can help your skin both prepare for and recover from surgery.

  • Skin analysis consult and facial: This treatment is to prepare your skin for surgery. It’s a relaxing and educational treatment which identifies your personal skin care issues and the best treatment options. We'll talk with you about a skin care regimen and homeopathic and vitamin therapies.
  • Camouflage cosmetics: Almost everyone has temporary side effects from cosmetic surgery, including swelling, bruising or visible incision marks. It may be weeks or months before these signs completely disappear. But a variety of makeup products and techniques can be used to camouflage the temporary side effects. Our camouflage makeup consultation will guide in you using these products and techniques.

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