Resources for Vision Screeners

Thank you for participating in the Elks Preschool Vision Screening Program. We have provided resources that you will find helpful when learning about preschool vision screening, common conditions, forms and more. 


Read these resources to better understand why we screen preschoolers for visions problems: 

Referral list

If you need to locate a local eye doctor, you can refer to these resources

Consent forms

If you're a vision screener and need additional consent forms, you can print the document below and make additional copies.

Broken Glasses

Watch this video to see why it is critical to replace a child's broken glasses as soon as possible.

What Does it mean if your child is referred by a vision screening

Because 80% of learning in the first 12 years comes through vision, visual impairments and eye diseases that go undetected in children have unnecessary negative impacts on their development. In this video, learn more about the importance of early vision screenings.

¿Qué significa si su hijo fue referido por un examen preliminar de la vista?

Parent's Guide to Pediatric Contact Lenses