Medical Contact Lens Fellowship

Dr. Deriek Louie instructs a medical contact lens fellow

This twelve month paid fellowship will provide academic and advanced clinical training in contact lens related diagnosis, treatment and management of anterior segment pathology. The program builds on the entry-level competencies attained through completion of the doctor of optometry degree.  One fellow per program year results in a certificate of completion after meeting all criteria.

The fellowship emphasizes advanced clinical care of the anterior segment in a team based, multi-disciplinary setting. The program will develop the fellow’s fundamental knowledge of corneal physiology and pathology, and raise his or her clinical skills to advanced levels in the areas of corneal disease management, contact lens design and prescribing. Through direct patient care as well as supervised clinical education activities, the fellow will be exposed to a high diversity of pathologies and treatments across contact lenses and anterior segment conditions. In addition to caring for patients in the Medical Contact Lens Service clinic, the fellow will have the opportunity to perform clinical rounds and assist in the management of complex patients with a supervising OD/MD in the Cornea and External Disease Service and the Pediatric Ophthalmology Service. The fellow will provide clinical care at the OHSU Casey Eye Institute facilities on the Waterfront and Marquam Hill campus.

Clinical opportunities

The Medical Contact Lens Service will provide the fellow a minimum of 1,000 patient encounters in the twelve-month program year. Over the course of the year, the fellow will develop and demonstrate clinically applicable knowledge of contact lens design and fitting, the indications for specific contact lens designs and the nuances between products to optimize vision while maintaining corneal health.

Conditions routinely managed include irregular corneal shape due to scarring, ectasia, or surgeries, ocular surface disease including severe dry eyes, complex refractive errors and others. The fellow’s patient care is initially closely monitored, but is expected to progress within the year to full independence as he or she gains experience and demonstrates competence.

Research opportunities

The fellow has opportunities to participate in clinical and laboratory research while training at OHSU Casey Eye Institute. Upon completion of the training program, the fellow is required to complete at least one publishable-quality case report, literature review or research paper. One half-day per week is provided in the fellow’s schedule to perform research and administrative duties.

Education opportunities

The fellow holds the appointment of Instructor of Ophthalmology within the OHSU School of Medicine, and is expected to contribute to the academic mission of the department. Education opportunities such as lectures and workshops are available in the form of continuing education, grand rounds, ophthalmology resident education and others. The fellow is also encouraged to participate in ophthalmology residency seminar activities including literature review, research conferences, journal club and clinical case reviews.

Application process

The fellowship program requests that each applicant submit a letter of interest/intent, current curriculum vitae, education history and complete transcripts from all pre-professional and professional education, results of NBEO parts I-III and TMOD, and three professional letters of recommendation including one from the director of the contact lens service at their respective professional training program. All application materials should be submitted directly to the fellowship program director at

Each fellowship applicant is encouraged to visit the fellowship site for an in-person interview, but a personal interview is not mandatory. Telephone interviews may be arranged if a visit cannot be scheduled. The Fellowship Admissions Committee meets at the conclusion of all interviews to discuss the ranking of applicants based upon their applications, references and interviews. Once the committee reaches a consensus on ranking, the fellowship supervisor will extend an offer to the selected candidate.

Why Casey Eye Institute?

"After practicing as a licensed optometrist for 4 years, I discovered I really like visual rehabilitation with specialty contact lenses. My experiences with medical contact lenses were limited so when I was looking for a program (fellowships and residencies) I was seeking a site that could offer me the most challenging cases. After completing my interviews for all the programs I applied to, I knew OHSU was the place for me. I love the hospital setting and being a tertiary care center, you can expect to receive the most challenging referrals. Going from a doctor salary to a fellowship salary was definitely challenging, however the clinical skills I acquired and all the mentors and colleagues I met, has made it worthwhile. There are definitely no regrets and I strongly recommend inquiring about the program to see if it is the right fit for you."

- Duc M. Tran O.D., , Medical Contact Lens Fellow 2019-2020

"After completing this fellowship I would definitely say it put me head and shoulders above the other applicants for the jobs that I applied for. Dr. Louie provides expertise and mentorship to his fellows so they can learn the arts and science of fitting medically necessary contacts, as well as the business side of it – coding and billing – to make sure that what you are doing will actually be profitable and sustainable to you as a doctor. I think all of those elements played a huge role in securing the job that I have now, which is at an all-ophthalmology group practice where I am the sole optometrist and contact lens specialist. I don’t know that I would have had the courage or ability to set up a specialty contact lens clinic on my own had it not been for Dr. Louie’s mentorship."

- Rebecca Chung, O.D., Medical Contact Lens Fellow 2018-2019

Fellowship director

    • Appointments and titles

      • Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
    • Expertise

      • Ophthalmology
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      • Contact Lenses (Adult) - Optometry
      • Contact Lenses (Medical)
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