Vision 2020 Latin America Fellowship

The Casey Eye Institute Vision 2020 Latin America Fellowship is a fellowship training program for ophthalmologists from Latin America with an interest in public health epidemiology and blindness prevention to complete additional training at OHSU. Fellowships may last from three months to two years, depending on fellow interest and support.

We aim to provide training that may not be available in the applicant's home country. The training is intended to prepare the fellow to become a thought leader in ophthalmologic public health issues in their home country and to participate in leadership activities of Vision 2020 programs in the Latin America region. Fellowships can include a range of experiences including basic science laboratory investigation, public health training, epidemiology, research, and observational experiences in outpatient clinics and the operating room. These experiences are available throughout all subspecialties.

So far, Fellows from Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela have participated in this program.

Clinical experience

Each fellowship program is tailored to the applicant’s interests, abilities, and need in their home country. Clinical and surgical observation is common; the amount of exposure is based on the hosting department’s capacity.

Research experience

Clinical or public health research and publication is possible and encouraged depending on the fellow’s interest, visa, and training goals. Multiple research opportunities are available through our numerous faculty members including basic science projects, clinical studies, and epidemiologic/public health work. Some examples of projects include examining statewide and national level screening data, collaborating on clinical outcome studies or basic laboratory science, and epidemiologic studies in collaboration with Casey’s community outreach program.   

Educational opportunities

Educational experiences include attending case conferences, coursework in public health epidemiology within the School of Public Health, skill attainment in research design and practice through OHSU’s Human Investigations Program, and collaborating in service project initiatives with the Casey Outreach program. Training in corneal eye banking is also available in collaboration with partnering eye banks.

Application process

Applicants should be less than five years removed from their ophthalmology residency training and live in a country that is affiliated with Vision 2020 Latin America. Stipends may be available. Contact Kevin Winthrop, MD, MPH by email for further information.

Contact us

Director: Kevin Winthrop, MD, MPH
Office: 503-494-5496

Mail Code: GH104

João Furtado, MD, PhD, is actively involved in Vision 2020 Latin America as the Regional Strategic Advisor for the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) in Latin America. He completed Casey Eye Institute’s Vision 2020 Latin American Fellowship from 2009-2012 and can also be contacted for further information at