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At the Casey Aesthetic Facial Surgery Center at OHSU Casey Eye Institute, we offer CosMedix chemical peels and facials to renew and rejuvenate your skin. Using the best that science and nature have to offer, we help you achieve maximum results while reducing the potential of irritation and downtime*.

Skin consultation

A skin consultation is recommended to discuss facial treatment options and a home care regimen to meet your skin goals. This is an important step for people considering oculofacial plastic surgery. The consultation will provide you with the proper regimen for pre- and post-operative care and healing.
45 minutes - Complimentary with the purchase of facial treatment or homecare products 


We offer Jane Iredale, a mineral cosmetic line which provides both camouflage make-up for post-procedure scarring and bruising as well as a natural look for everyday wear.

Chemical peels

There are two types of chemical peels on the menu - those that can be performed today without any prior skin preparation, and those that require 2-4 weeks of pre-treatment with specific home care products. Your skin is unique, so a consultation is strongly recommended to determine which peel is right for you.

Timeless RX Peel

This "gold standard" medium depth dermal peel dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging. Re-texturize, reduce wrinkles and maximize hydration with this ultimate performance peel. Perfect for large pores, sun damage, acne/acne scars, premature aging and hyper-pigmentation. Consultation and 2-4 weeks preparation required.  
75 minutes - $150.00

Deep Sea Peel

This potent non-acid herbal peel relies on the healing power of the ocean to generate collagen and stimulate deeper cellular turnover. Helps significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and photo-damage.
75 minutes - $150.00

Purity Peel

This medical strength peel treats impure skin conditions such as congested pores, acne and acne scarring. Benefits include acne reduction, oil control and pore refinement. Perfect for oily skin, enlarged pores, all grades of acne and photo-damaged skin. No preparation required.
75 minutes - $120.00

The Benefit Peel

This potent antioxidant peel is the best all-around peel for all skin types regardless of condition. Nourishing and stimulating ingredients dissolve dead skin, encourage cell turnover and increase collagen synthesis without excessive peeling. Safe for rosacea and hyper-sensitive skins. No preparation required.
75 minutes - $120.00

Blueberry Jessner Peel

This resurfacing treatment mixes salicylic and lactic acids with blueberry antioxidants. This peel provides dramatic resurfacing, smoothing away the look of blemishes and lines for a flawlessly smooth complexion. No preparation required.
75 minutes - $120.00

Pomegranate Brightening Peel

This results-oriented peel effectively stimulates cell turnover and increases natural moisture to support the skin's cellular health. Antioxidants deliver powerful benefits to protect the skin against free radicals. Excellent for uneven skin tone and sun damage. No preparation required.
75 minutes - $90.00

Blueberry Antioxidant Peel

This refreshing peel includes a light exfoliation for an instant glow. The skin is left soft, smooth and invigorated. Good for all skin types. No preparation required.
75 minutes - $90.00

Chemical Peel Add Ons

Hands - $25.00
Forearms - $40.00
Décolleté - $40.00

*The CosMedix peels require no downtime. Exposure to direct sunlight within the first two weeks after a chemical peel is strongly discouraged. Expect some light to moderate flaking and possible peeling within the first 2-7 days. You will receive a detailed explanation of how to care for your skin post peel at the time of your treatment.

Relax and results facials

R & R Facials (Relax and Results) are corrective and de-stressing treatments designed to improve specific skin concerns while encouraging relaxation. These address aging, acne, rosacea, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and dehydration. Each treatment includes steam, extractions, a relaxing massage and a customized mask.

Sensitive R & R Facial

This soothing facial is designed to reduce inflammation, strengthen the skins barrier function and promote healing. Designed for rosacea, telangiectasia and hyper-sensitive skins.
75 minutes - $120.00

Acne R & R Facial

This facial helps to clear and clarify acne prone skin by fighting bacteria, controlling oil and reducing inflammation. Perfect for oily skin, acne, closed and open comedones.
75 minutes - $120.00

Anti Aging R & R Facial

This facial targets the signs of aging by encouraging better hydration, stimulating collagen production and improving suppleness. Excellent for hormonal skin changes, dryness and premature aging.
75 minutes - $120.00

Treatment Series

Choose any 3 treatments for $320.00

(excludes Timeless RX and Deep Sea Peels - 3 treatments for $400.00)


Microneedling promotes skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation by stimulating the fibro-blasts that produce collagen and elastin. These proteins help the skin to appear more plump and youthful looking, and can be a great option for improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars. Microneedling uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin to minimize epidermal damage. This procedure is sold only as a series of 4 treatments. No preparation required.
75 minutes series of 4 - $530.00
75 minute series of 4 for Microneedling + Peel - $885.00