Ocular Pathology Services

An image of an eye specimen from under a microscope

The Leonard Christensen Eye Pathology Laboratory

The Leonard Christensen Eye Pathology Laboratory is one of the few independent eye pathology labs in the U.S.  Three experienced eye pathologists and two full time histotechnologists staff this CLIA certified laboratory.

The laboratory processes clinical specimens from eye surgery including corneal, eyelid, and orbital tissue as well as globes. In addition, eye tissue obtained as part of experimental eye research is evaluated to study disease mechanisms and potential new forms of therapy. The laboratory provides great value in the preparation of medical students, residents and graduate students for careers in the visual sciences.

This laboratory was the first to report the features of many eye diseases, including Bietti’s crystalline dystrophy, Gyrate Atrophy, and Retinal Angiomatous Proliferation.

Ophthalmology specific expertise to any clinical or research ocular tissue

During the course of surgery performed by many of the clinical services at the Casey Eye Institute, tissue is removed and needs to be evaluated for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The most common specimens consist of corneal tissue and eyelid tissue removed by the surgeons in the Cornea and Oculoplastic Divisions. Similar specimens of this type are submitted by the corneal surgeons at the Devers Eye Institute, and by community ophthalmic surgeons from around the country. The Christensen Eye Pathology Laboratory has a strong research affiliation with investigators at the Oregon National Primate Research Center and the Lions Eye Bank. Many specimens with these collaborators are evaluated as part of ongoing research on the causes of eye disease.

Faculty and staff

Director of the Christensen Eye Pathology Laboratory: Hillary Stiefel, M.D.

Manager: Colin Oglesbee-Venghaus

Histotechnologists: T.C. Reid

    • Appointments and titles

      • Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
    • Appointments and titles

      • Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
      • Director, Christensen Eye Pathology Laboratory
      • Director, Ocular Immunology Laboratory
    • Expertise

      • Ophthalmology
      • Comprehensive Ophthalmology
      • Ophthalmology
      • Cataract and Intraocular Lenses
    • Appointments and titles

      • Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
      • Paul H. Casey Chair of Ophthalmology
    • Expertise

      • Cancer
      • Ophthalmology
      • Eye Cancer
      • Macular Degeneration
      • Melanoma
      • Ocular Oncology

Ocular Immunology Laboratory

An additional service that is unique to this facility is the Ocular Immunology Laboratory. This lab, which relies on the expertise of Dr. Grazyna Adamus, is CLIA certified to analyze blood for evidence of retinal autoantibodies or antibodies associated with cancer-associated retinopathy. Learn more.