Glaucoma Fellowship

OHSU Casey Eye Institute and Devers Eye Institute of Legacy Health offer a combined AUPO-certified clinical glaucoma fellowship program. Two clinical fellows per year work at alternating locations, giving them experience in complex and routine adult and pediatric glaucoma cases. Both centers are regional referral centers, creating a large diversity of cases including rare glaucoma disorders, trauma, and co-management of patients with other subspecialties such as retina, uveitis, and cornea. 

The goal of our combined fellowship is to provide a well-rounded training program that equips a fellow for any future career path. We have strong academic faculty who are experienced in mentoring students and trainees for an academic path, as well as faculty whose practices are predominantly clinical, giving the fellow experience of a high volume practice model.

All faculty are experienced and well versed in the training of the fundamentals of glaucoma surgery such as trabeculectomy with and without antimetabolite (both fornix and limbus-based), glaucoma drainage devices (Baerveldt and Ahmed), cataract surgery in glaucoma patients, glaucoma lasers such as SLT, argon suture lysis, cyclophotocoagulation (endoscopic as well as transscleral). We have also adopted selected MIGs procedures such as canaloplasty, iStent, Kahook dual blade, Trabectome, TRAB360, GATT and visco-canalostomy. Further, our pediatric glaucoma faculty hold weekly pediatric-dedicated glaucoma clinics and OR which widens the scope of fellow’s surgical exposure further.

Fellows participate in all clinical and surgical activities, and as experience and confidence are gained, are expected to function increasingly independently. Performance is subject to review and there is ample opportunity for feedback and coaching to support the fellow in meeting their training goals, and beyond. We want fellows to feel welcome, be a valued part of the team and develop relationships and skills that will serve them in their future endeavors.


    • Appointments and titles

      • Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
    • Expertise

      • Ophthalmology
      • Glaucoma
    • Appointments and titles

      • Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
    • Expertise

      • Ophthalmology
      • Glaucoma
    • Appointments and titles

      • Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
    • Expertise

      • Ophthalmology
      • Eye Alignment/Strabismus
      • Eye Exams (Children) - Ophthalmology
      • Ophthalmology
      • Ophthalmology (Pediatric)
      • Pediatric Glaucoma

Clinical opportunities

  • Participation in faculty clinics (approximately 40 patients/day) at Casey Eye Institute or Devers Eye Institute, with rotations designed to expose the fellow to a balanced variety of different faculty approaches
  • Half day per week of fellow continuity clinic evaluating and operating on your own patients
  • Interacting with residents, medical students, international fellows and other trainees/observers

Surgical experience

  • Trabeculectomy (with and without antimetabolite, fornix and limbus-based) and postop management such as adjustable suturing techniques, argon laser suture lysis, 5FU and bleb management
  • Glaucoma Drainage Devices (including Baerveldt and Ahmed systems)
  • Bleb revisions (needling, compression sutures, repair of leaks, scleral and corneal patch graft and full revision techniques)
  • MIGS: including canaloplasty, GATT, iStents, goniotomy with KDB, ECP
  • Lasers such as SLT, laser suture lysis, Yag and argon LPI, iridoplasty, cyclophotocoagulation (endoscopic and transscleral)
  • Pediatric exams under anesthesia
  • Assisting with pediatric glaucoma surgery
  • Wetlab and specific angle surgery training course by selected reps under faculty supervision

Call schedule

Fellows participate in glaucoma department call at both locations. Fellows are also on the general/trauma 24 hour call schedule which is shared with other ophthalmology faculty and fellows. While at Devers Eye Institute this comprises approximately a 1-in-6 commitment, and while at Casey Eye Institute this comprises 1-2 weeks per year.

Research opportunities

Research is an important component of our fellowship program, with two half days per week of research time built in. The faculty at Casey and Devers have a wide range of research interests, from population-based studies to lab-based research, clinical trials and clinical studies. [ MISSING SOMETHING HERE ] are involved in clinical trials and basic research, and fellows have a variety of opportunities at both locations to work on projects including, but not limited to:

See a full list of research faculty and current projects on our Research page.

Education opportunities

Academic pursuits are highly encouraged during the fellowship year. As a Clinical Instructor, the fellow is an integral part of teaching in the Department of Ophthalmology and engages in regular instruction, both didactic and experiential, of the residents and other trainees. We offer many opportunities for learning to our fellows, which may include:

  • Anterior Segment Conference, monthly (formal case presentations followed by discussion of interesting cases, attended by all trainees and faculty from glaucoma and cornea departments)
  • Morrison Rounds, biweekly (an opportunity to meet with Dr. Morrison and the resident about a topic of interest)
  • Journal Club
  • Post-clinic discussion of teaching points and cases with faculty
  • Attending local and regional conferences
  • Presenting at national meetings: (AAO, AGS, ARVO) each fellow may attend one national meeting during the year, provided they are presenting at the meeting, and that the other fellow is available to cover the clinics.
  • Grand rounds, biweekly (formal lecture to all faculty, trainees, alumni and other interested community ophthalmologists)
  • Participating in the peer review journal process
  • Interacting with ophthalmologists participating in our International Ophthalmology Program
  • Volunteering with our Casey Outreach team on the mobile clinic

Application process

Applications for this AUPO fellowship program should be submitted through the US Fellowship Match program at Two interview days are held on Fridays in October each year.

International applicants will also be considered on an individual basis. We currently train glaucoma fellows and offer observerships as part of our OHSU Global Initiative

Program leadership

Fellowship Director 
Steven Mansberger, MD MPH  Devers Eye Institute
Beth Edmunds, M.D.,Ph.D. - OHSU Casey Eye Institute  

Associate Fellowship Directors:
Shandiz Tehrani, M.D., Ph.D. - OHSU Casey Eye Institute
Robert Kinast, M.D. - Devers Eye Institute