The 29th Annual International Symposium on Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult

Scenic view of the Columbia River Gorge.

International faculty and attendees have gathered annually to educate, learn and receive updates about the latest innovations in diagnosis and management for adult congenital heart disease.

The 2019 symposium will be held May 29-June 1, 2019 at the Skamania Lodge outside of Portland, Oregon.

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To register your abstract, fill out the basic contact information on the registration page and submit a one page pdf of your abstract to . Please include the title of your abstract in the subject line of your email. Accepted abstract presenters will be given a $100 refund off registration costs. Abstract discount will be refunded to abstract presenters who have previously registered. Abstract deadline is Thursday January 31, 2019. Notification of abstract acceptance will be by March 15, 2019.

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Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


OHSU School of Medicine designates this live activity for a maximum of 24.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


Download the Final program agenda as a PDF.

Wednesday May 29
New Ideas, New Horizons
8:00An introduction to this years    symposium (Broberg) 
8:05How does 3D printing and virtual    reality fit into our CHD care? (Sesslar) 
8:25Wearable devices and    opportunities to help patients help themselves (Burchill) 
8:45Artificial intelligence vs. real    intelligence in the world of imaging (Lindner) 
9:05The Swiss Herzchoir:  Rethinking patient involvement    (Tobler) 
Digging through the Guidelines:    Remaining Questions and Controversies (Lui/Colman Moderating) 
10:00The new anatomic and physiologic    classification and how to use it (Krieger) 
10:20Ebstein anomaly; an update and    perspective on guideline recommendations (TBA) 
10:40The "final" word on    pulmonary valve replacement in TOF (Valente) 
11:00Coarctation guideline rationales    and questions (Aboulhosn) 
11:20Our track record of guideline    adherence in ACHD (Cordina) 
12:00LUNCH (and Cardiac Care    Associates Lunch Seminar)
The pulmonary vasculature    (Hoskoppal/Cotts Moderating) 
13:00Shunts, PA pressures, and    advanced therapies; making the decision to close or not (Dimopoulos) 
13:20A cohort update on Eisenmenger    syndrome: Are they living longer? (Jensen) 
13:40Macitentan, selexipag, etc:    Considering new experience with new agents (Gatzoulis) 
14:00Pheochromocytoma in    Eisenmengers:  shared experiences and    genetic understanding (Opotowsky) 
14:20Segmental PAH; understanding a    complex condition (Dimopoulos) 
Patient Engagement (Steiner/Khan    Moderating) 
15:10"Adulting" as an ACHD    patient (Saidi) 
15:30Diet choices out there and    potential ACHD relevance (Severson) 
15:50Understanding disability    qualifications and process (Hendler) 
16:10"How long do I got    Doc?"  How to talk about prognosis    (Landzberg) 
Enlarged Great Arteries    (Yetman/Nicolarsen Moderating) 
15:10Fresh consensus considerations    on Turner syndrome (Roos-Hesselink) 
15:30When is aortic dilatation an    innocent bystander or potential threat? (Oechslin) 
15:50New aortopathy genes to know    about (Maslen) 
16:10PEARS procedure: what is it and    does it work? (Bhamidipati) 
Oral Abstract Session    (Brown/Marelli Moderating) 
18:30Posters and drinks on the Lawn
18:40ACHD Fellows photo (foreign and    domestic)
Food trucks on the lawn
20:30Fireside S'mores and Songs
Thursday    May 30
6:30morning run, swim, or yoga
Morning Message (Gregg    Moderating) 
8:00ACHD Accreditation:     Early experience, challenges, and lessons learned (Daniels)
Transcatheter Revolution (Gregg Moderating)
8:20What to expect long-term from a    transcatheter pulmonary valve? (O'Donnell) 
8:40Do transcather valves change    options for young patients with aortic valve disease, and how to council    patients  (McCabe) 
9:00Tricuspid, Mitral, Harmony:    Consideration of Emerging Transcatheter Valve Options in ACHD (Jones) 
9:20What valves need    anticoagulation, antiplatelet therapy, or both (Connolly) 
9:40Transcatheter aortic    interevntions (Abraham) 
The Fontan Tightrope (Celermajer    Moderating) 
10:30The long-term Fontan experience;    who does well and who does not? (Hornung) 
10:50The "flourishing    Fontans" and what they teach us (Stout) 
11:10An approach to routine clinical    follow up and imaging surveillance for Fontans (Jokhadar) 
11:30An approach to arrhythmia    management in today's Fontans (Khairy) 
11:50An approach to whether to use    pulmonary vasodilator therapy in adult Fontans (Buber) 
12:10An approach to a cyanotic Fontan    (Veldtman) 
12:30Box Lunches on the way outdoors
Hikes, Golf, Lawn Games, or    Painting with Jamil
17:15ISACHD meeting
18:00Posters, Drinks and Appetizers
18:30Buffet Dinner and Evening    Session (Kovacs Moderating) 
19:00Patient Wellness--assessing and    maximizing quality of life for those we serve (Moons) 
19:20Provider Wellness--understanding    physician burnout and achieving work/life balance (Murphy) 
19:40Questions and Discussion
20:00Evening Extravaganza 
Table competitions, music,    dancing, and karaoke
Friday    May 31
6:30morning run, swim, or yoga
Right Ventricles Reconsidered
8:00Important clinical differences    between L and D looped TGA systemic RVs (Warnes) 
8:20Imaging of RV fibrosis over the    lifespan and what it tells us (Grosse-Wortmann) 
8:40Ventricular restriction in TOF:    defining it, who gets it, and what it means (Krieger) 
9:00Multicenter experience in heart    failure outcomes with a systemic RV (Van Dissel) 
9:20Medical therapy update for the    systemic RV:  the valsartan trial    long-term follow up (Mulder) 
9:40Shared experience with VADS in a    systemic RV (Hickey) 
Exercise Considerations  (Shafer Moderating) 
10:30Rehab--does it work in ACHD?    (Opotowsky) 
10:50Is Fontan exercise good or bad?    (Cordina) 
11:10Weight training and the aorta -    practical counseling for our patients (Daniels) 
11:30Exercise and the atrial    switch:  Should we be worried about    sudden death? (Khairy) 
Programatic Excellence (Brown    Moderating) 
10:30What are the challenges to rural    access to ACHD care and do they matter? (Khan) 
10:50The PFAC; how it can help?    (Miner) 
11:10Risk scores that are out there    and do they help (Dolgner) 
11:30International partnering options    for your program (TBA) 
"Shared Experiences"    Session.  Multicenter Review of . .    .  (Zaidi Moderating) 
12:50Watchman (Singh) 
13:10Entresto (Lluri) 
13:30Micra (Tsai) 
13:50Cardiomems (Bradley) 
14:10SQ ICDs (Moore) 
14:30NOACs in Fontans (Mulder) 
15:20Review, Discuss, Learn (choose    1)
Session A:  Empowering Encounters (Jackson/Saidi    Moderating) 
15:20Maximizing patient adherence to    treatment plans (Kovacs) 
15:40Pre-transfer transition; what    works? (Moons) 
16:00Post-transfer transition,    getting patients to maintain follow up (Lin) 
16:20Idea exchange--what works at    your center? (All) 
Session B:  Pregnancy Ponderings    (Roos-Hesselink/Connolly Moderating) 
15:20Turners and pregnancy:    multicenter experience (Grewal) 
15:40What would you do?  Case 1 (McGrath) 
16:00What would you do?  Case 2 (Kasargod) 
16:20What would you do?  Case 3 (Vincent) 
16:40Discussion (All) 
Session C:  Interesting Interventions (Jones/Bhamipati    Moderating) 
15:20Cath case I wish I'd done    differently 1 (Kay) 
15:40Surgical case I wish I'd done    differently 1 (TBA) 
16:00Cath case I wish I'd done    differently 2 (Steinberg) 
16:20Surgical case I wish I'd done    differently 2 (Hickey) 
16:40Disscussion (All) 
Sternwheeler Dinner Cruise
18:00Ride/Walk to the boat dock
18:30Boat leaves dock
21:30Back on land
Saturday    June 1
What to do at the end of the    Fontan road? (Khan/John Moderating) 
8:00Hypoplastic left heart outcomes:    A review of shared experience (Lewis) 
8:20Hepatocellular carcinoma: the    iceberg of the Fontan liver (Egbe) 
8:40When to do Fontan valve surgery,    and when to leave the valve alone (TBA) 
9:00Shared-experience on heart and    heart/liver transplant in Fontan (Wald) 
9:20Consensus building on the Fontan    transplant challenge (Stout) 
9:40Discussion and take-away    thoughtsDiscussion and take-away thoughts (All) 
Controversies for Today (Webb    Moderating) 
10:30Atrial appendage closure--YES,    takes care of my thromboembolic worries (Abrams) 
10:50Atrial appendage closure--NO,    don't mess with my atrial compliance (Nishimura) 
11:10Transcutaneous valve at age    30--YES, keep me out of the OR as long as possible (Jones) 
11:30Transcutaneous valve at age    30--NO, save it for a later date and do surgery now (Hickey) 
11:50Final thoughts
A Final Note
12:00Moving toward global excellence    in ACHD (Veldtman) 
Meeting Wrap Up
12:20Awards and Goodbyes    (Broberg) 
Afternoon adventures (choose    your own).  
Hikes, scenic drives,    backpacking, fishing, horsebackriding, or drive into town


All meals Wednesday through Saturday morning are provided.

For those arriving Tuesday night, please note that there are limited dining options in the vicinity. In both Stephenson and Hood River (the closest towns) most restaurants close by 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.. There are restaurants (open until 10:00 p.m.) and a bar at Skamania Lodge; consider reserving a table for Tuesday night or eating in Portland.


Skamania Lodge
You may also call the lodge directly to book at 509-427-7700. Be sure to use booking code: 1Y37SI

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Alternative hotel guests can book their stay:

  • Columbia Cliff Villas: 866-912-8366 (25 minutes from Skamania)
  • West Cliff Lodge : 541-386-2992 (25 minutes from Skamania)
  • Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa: 541-386-5566 (25 minutes from Skamania)
  • Hampton Inn Hood River: 541-436-1600 (40 minutes from Skamania)
  • Best Western Hood River: 541-386-2200 (40 minutes from Skamania)


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We have two competitions for your program to show off:

What would your ACHD program look like on the cover of Rolling Stone?  Stage a photograph of your providers in the theme of a favorite album cover, or make up your own.  The cover should include at least two members from your institution.  Entries will be on display during the meeting, and judged by a panel of likely biased judges on random criteria.  Prize to whoever the judges choose to be most outrageous.

 Who has the oldest medical record out there?  Submit a digital reproduction (jpg, pdf, etc.) of the oldest medical record (op note, clinic note, letter, etc) of a patient seen at least once in your program. The record itself can be from any institution.  The patient must be alive as of Jan 1, 2019. The document should show the date clearly but must not include any identifying personal health information, or will be disqualified. Prize will be awarded to the oldest date of the records submitted.

There will be two separate focus lunch groups; one for all RN/PA providers, and one for ACHD fellows. Plan on grabbing a plate and meeting up with your group. Following Dinner we will have the David Sahn Campfire S’mores singalong.  Bring your instrument; talent optional!


  • Option 1:  Gorge Hikes with OHSU Staff
    As before, there will be 4 guided hikes ranging from easy to difficult. A description of each is provided below. The activity is free.  We will ask all to sign in so we can account for everyone.  All hikers will need to sign a liability waiver (safety is your own responsibility). Transportation is limited; we encourage those with cars to offer rides to others. Bring a water bottle and be prepared for changing weather conditions. 
      Distance from Skamania lodge to the trailhead: 9 miles (14.5 km), ~15 min drive
      Hiking distance: 1.8 miles (2.9 km) round trip
      Elevation gain: 680 feet (207 m)
      Difficulty: Moderate
      Distance from Skamania lodge to the trailhead: 9.3 miles (15 km), ~15 min drive
      Hiking distance: 7.5 miles (12 km) round trip
      High point: 2,438 feet (743 m)
      Elevation gain: 2100 feet (640 m)
      Difficulty: Moderate
      Distance from Skamania lodge to the trailhead: 11 miles (18 km), ~20 min drive
      Hiking distance: 6.9 miles (11 km) round trip
      Elevation gain: 2800 feet (853 m)
      Difficulty: Difficult
      Distance from Skamania lodge to the trailhead: 13 miles (21 km), ~20 min drive
      Hiking distance: 0.8 miles (1.3 km) round trip
      Elevation gain: 360 feet (110 m)
      Difficulty: Easy 
  • Option 2: Plein Air Painting with Jamil
    Whether you are an accomplished artist or have never picked up a brush, painting is a wonderful way to experience your surroundings through a different lens. Express your creativity and enjoy a relaxing, artist led afternoon on the lawn as we paint either congenital hearts or the spectacular scenery. Jamil Aboulhosn and others will be on hand.  All materials along with instruction will be provided, including table easels, canvases, and acrylic paints. Cost is $45.00 per person (1:30 – 3:30). This activity is limited to 30 participants.
    Sign up: Painting Registration 
  • Option 3: Wine Tasting
    An exclusive tour to explore the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area while enjoying wine at premier local wineries and more. The rate for this tour is only $130/guest, but may decrease depending on the group size. This rate includes all costs of transportation, guide fee, arrangements & tasting fees with three venues, bottled water, snacks, and staging from Skamania Lodge. To book a spot, please contact Martin by calling 503-349-1323 or going to and mention “Skamania Congenital Heart Conference”
  • Option 4: Hood River Visit with Patty and Meghan
    Explore the vibrant Hood River Waterfront Park and historic hip little town where you will discover an eclectic mix of independently owned gift shops, shopping, coffee shops, distilleries, brew pubs and wine tasting rooms. Patty and Meghan will be in the main lobby of the lodge to transport you to and from Skamania. Space is limited; please sign up early when you arrive to the conference. 
  • Option 5: Golf
    The golf course is in great shape! If anyone is interested in getting out there: $35 for 18 holes with power cart, rental clubs available for $37.50. (You can also do 9 holes and we’ll adjust the rate accordingly). Consider booking in advance, 509-427-2541.

Sternwheeler Dinner Cruise is planned. The boat will leave from the Dock in Stevenson promptly at 6:30.  It is a roughly 30 minute walk from the lodge to the boat, and many guests find this the most pleasant way to arrive. Otherwise rideshare; parking is available near the doc. A limited shuttle will be available for those without other means of transportation.

You can also visit this page to learn more about other activities near Portland and within the Columbia River Gorge Region.