Clinical Research

Changing the course of cardiovascular disease toward cardiovascular health. That's the focus of every physician and researcher at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute. Our mission is to accelerate prevention, diagnostic and treatment strategies being developed in the laboratory and transition them into the clinic as rapidly as possible. Our discoveries benefit Oregonians and people everywhere facing cardiovascular disease.

At the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute, our experts are leading the charge in foundational basic science and clinical research aimed at improving cardiovascular health and finding cures for cardiovascular disease in the following areas:

Clinical trials

The OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute is involved in dozens of cardiovascular clinical trials. This means you have access to more treatments for cardiovascular conditions than anywhere else in Oregon. We're studying the risk factors for heart disease, cutting-edge treatments and prevention techniques, as well as the latest technology used to combat heart failure and genetic heart diseases. Learn more about clinical trials.