Cardiovascular Shared Research Resources

Center for Radiochemistry Research
Directors: Jeanne Link and Kenneth Krohn

The center includes a cyclotron (particle accelerator), radiopharmacy and a planned PET/MR suite for patient imaging, and also supports research imaging platforms across OHSU (e.g. micro PET/CT imaging in the small animal imaging facility) by supplying radiopharmaceuticals required for these imaging platforms.

Large Animal Cath Lab and Operating Suite 
Director: Elizabeth Le

The large animal surgical suite provides support for surgical procedures in sheep, dog and pig models. Services include angiography, balloon angioplasty, pacemaker insertion, and assistance in development of open heart surgical procedures, including myocardial ischemia models in larger mammals. A heart/lung machine is also available in this suite for bypass surgeries, valve replacement and repair, and device implantation. Additionally, services for transthoracic, transesophageal and myocardial contrast ultrasound imaging using gas-filled microbubbles are available.

Experimental Models and Tissue Processing Facility 
Director: Nabil Alkayed

A multidisciplinary suite of services that support in-vivo and in-vitro models and cell and tissue analysis. Research faculty members oversee training and quality control and help in project development, research design and data analysis. Services are supported by research staff with specialized expertise, primarily related to neural injury and cardiovascular applications.

The suite of shared resources include the following services:

  • Histopathology: services include tissue sectioning, staining, immunolabeling.
  • Small Animal Surgery & Colony Management: services include small animal surgery and anesthesia, colony management (tattooing, genotyping, husbandry), and regulatory assistance (IACUC).
  • Vascular Imaging & Microscopy: services include intravital imaging using OCT-based optical microangiography (OMAG) and 2-photon microscopy, and in-vitro confocal microscopy and live-cell imaging using resonant-scanning laser microscopy.
  • Molecular Biology & Biochemistry: services includes basic molecular and biochemical applications, including DNA, RNA and protein isolation and analysis using Western blot, ELISA, RT-PCR, real-time quantitative PCR, in addition to cDNA cloning, amplification and cell transfection.
  • Cell Culture: services include primary cell culture preparation (neural and vascular cells), injury models (OGD, hypoxia, oxidative damage), cell-based assays (viability, cell death), and maintenance and propagation of cell lines.
  • Rodent Behavior Testing: currently in development, services will include somatosensory, motor and learning and memory testing to evaluate neurological and neurocognitive function after stroke, traumatic brain injury and cerebral small vessel disease.