Cardiovascular Disease Fellows

2021-22 Fellows

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Recent Cardiovascular Disease Graduates in the last five years:

13%   Fellows Pursued Academic Practice

39%   Fellows Pursued Private Practice

48%   Fellows Pursued Subspecialty Training after Graduating

Cardiovascular disease

Babikir Kheiri, MD

Babikir Kheiri, M.D.
3rd Year Fellow - Chief Fellow

UndergraduateUniversity of Khartoum, Sudan, Medical School: University of Khartoum, Sudan, Residency: Hurley Medical Center-Michigan State University

Dr. Kheiri moved to the UK after graduating from the University of Khartoum, where he completed a foundation and core medical training in England and Wales. After medical school, he came to the US for residency in Michigan before moving to Oregon for this fellowship.

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Interests: I am interested in every aspect of cardiovascular specialties. I see cardiology as a whole - a complex, integrated, and connected system. However, I have a special interest in electrophysiology.
Why did you choose OHSU for a fellowship?The OHSU is well known nationally with state-of-art technology. The cardiovascular fellowship program in particular has an appropriate balance of clinical and academic exposure that suited well with my social life balance and future career goals.
What do you enjoy doing outside of training? Soccer and watching movies.

Kris Kumar

Kris Kumar, DO, MSc
3rd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego, DO: Midwestern University, Residency: University of Arizona 

Prior to the fellowship, Dr. Kumar completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at UCSD. Following this, he worked in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in drug development. Dr. Kumar then went to Arizona for medical school and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Arizona where he served as a junior faculty member and Chief Resident in the Department of Medicine.

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What are your future plans? Interventional Cardiology and Structural Cardiology
Why did you choose OHSU for a fellowship? Excellent learning environment, didactics, clinical experience, the collegial atmosphere amongst fellows, excellent faculty and the ability to participate in multiple research projects.
What do you enjoy doing outside of training? Exploring the Pacific Northwest, trying out all the great food trucks in the Portland area, and exercising.

Miranda Merrill

Miranda Merrill, M.D.
3rd Year Fellow - Chief Fellow

Undergraduate: University of Oregon, Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University, Residency: University of Colorado

Dr. Merrill is a native Oregonian. She grew up in the Willamette Valley and stayed in Oregon for college at the University of Oregon and medical school at OHSU. Dr. Merrill moved to Colorado for a few years for an internal medicine residency where her interest in cardiology really began.

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What are your future plans? pursuing an Electrophysiology fellowship
Why did you choose OHSU for a fellowship? The people and the place! The faculty and fellows were kind, smart and motivated. The program seemed supportive and there was a clear emphasis on education. Also, the hospital is beautiful and Portland is really great.
What do you enjoy doing outside of training? Running, hiking, soccer, camping, traveling and exploring new Portland restaurants and food carts.

Ryle Przybylowicz, M.D.

Ryle Przybylowicz, M.D.
3rd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University, Medical School: The Ohio State University, Residency: Baylor College of Medicine

Interests: Electrophysiology
What advice do you have for residents applying to fellowships? Make sure the fellows are happy and get along with each other. Look into what the fellows are doing after their general fellowship. Make sure the location is somewhere you'd want to live.
What do you enjoy doing outside of training? Hanging out and cooking with family/friends, hiking, watching soccer, trying new coffee and beer spots.

Timothy Simpson, M.D.

Tim Simpson, M.D., Pharm.D
3rd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: Oregon State University, Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University, Residency: University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Simpson is a native Oregonian and a former snow bum turned pharmacist, turned physician.

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What are your future plans? Academic interventional cardiology or electrophysiology
Why did you choose OHSU for your fellowship? After spending time in the bay at UCSF for residency, the opportunity to return back to Portland for fellowship was an opportunity I could not pass up. The cardiology fellowship has achieved an exceptional amount of progress in the last several years, as has the department as a whole. I found the subspecialties of interventional cardiology as well as electrophysiology, where my interest lie, to be exceptionally strong. Both groups have great clinical volume, exceptional clinical and personal mentorship, and an abundance of opportunities to get involved to whatever extent you wish. People across the division are extremely kind, invested in your learning, and a joy to work with.

Chris Chen

Christopher Chen, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: Texas A&M University, Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, Residency: Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Chen is a Houston native and his initial interest in medicine and then cardiology was sparked from a prior job as a nurse assistant and telemetry tech during his undergraduate years. He left the great state of Texas to escape the heat/hurricanes, explore a different area of the USA, and learn from a new crop of physician educators.

What are your future plans? Pursuing a career in EP or Imaging in an academic or private setting.
Why did you choose OHSU for your fellowship? Comprehensive program (they pretty much have everything). I was particularly drawn to EP and Imaging. Two major hospital systems/population - a private/academic-hybrid University Hospital and the good ol' VA hospital both connected by a wonderful sky bridge overseeing the Willamette River and the city of Portland with Mount Hood in the background. Balanced clinical duties - while the fellowship has its months of heavy clinical duties the call schedule is extremely reasonable (we are not one of those programs where your first year is trial by fire) and spread more uniformly throughout 3 years. Faculty here are very supportive; I was surprised that the culture here is NOT to avoid calling your attending in the middle of the night when things are going south and you need the extra support. Our program director really cares for us and has shown in the past that she will go the extra mile in creating opportunities to customize and mold your training goals to fit your career goals.
What do you enjoy doing outside of training? Taking my eighty-pound cream retriever named Casper to a whole multitude of amazing dog parks around town, and hanging with my co-fellows and all their dogs too! Also, enjoy sports and Netflix.

Alexander Farr, M.D.

Alexander Farr, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine, Residency: Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Farr is originally from Michigan and spent most of his time there before moving for residency. He spent two years doing research in immunology before pursuing medicine as a career.

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Interests: Interventional cardiology
Why did you choose OHSU for your fellowship? Because of the people that I meant on my interview day. There is a tremendous amount of support for pursuing all fields of cardiology. Everyone here is part of one big family and is committed to seeing you succeed. OHSU is also a large referral center for the area, so the cardiac pathology is very diverse, which I think is important for training.

What advice do you have for residents applying to fellowships? Think about programs where you will fit in with the people and the culture. It is by far the most important consideration for picking a program.

Khoa Nguyen

Khoa Nguyen, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University, Residency: University of California - Irvine

Dr. Nguyen did a chief year prior to the fellowship. It was a valuable year to slow down and reflect on the different career pathways available to young physicians. For example, he says one day, I might have been attending on the wards; another day I was running a didactic lesson for medical students; and on a different day, I was serving as a liaison between hospital administration and house staff. By dawning these different hats, the chief role propelled him into different situations and tested his responses to them; therefore, divulging many valuable “ah-hah” moments.  The year came with highs and lows as expected, but it was a phenomenal experience.

What are your future plans? I want to spend the first year of my fellowship to delve into and learn about the various fields within cardiology and proceed from there. I can see myself practicing in an academic setting in the future.
Why did you choose OHSU for your fellowship? Diverse clinical experiences, renown teachers with emphasis on understanding integrative physiology, and a supportive environment.

Francis Phan

Francis Phan, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: Wichita State University, Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine, Residency: Oregon Health & Science University

Dr. Phan was born and raised in Wichita, KS where he completed undergrad and medical school. After 26 years of enjoying the amazing BBQ, college basketball culture and midwest hospitality he finally left with his fiancee, Amanda, to explore the PNW for residency. He’s since fallen in love with Portland, the PNW and amazing medical community here and looks forward to staying here beyond fellowship.

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What do you enjoy doing outside of training? hikes with his fiancee and 90 lb goofy rescue pup, working out, cooking, college basketball, KC Chiefs and rooftop beers in the PNW summers.
Why did you choose OHSU for your fellowship? As a former OHSU resident, I was fortunate to experience first hand how collegial and supportive the faculty and fellows are towards one another. I knew that this was a foundation for me to thrive in and I feel incredibly grateful to train here.

Pooja Prasad

Pooja Prasad, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: Wellesley College | Medical School, University of Rochester  | Residency, UC Davis

Dr. Prasad is from California originally but spent eight years on the east coast for college and medical school before returning to California for residency. Dr. Prasad is excited to be moving to the west coast and is enjoying exploring the parks, hikes, pizza and ice cream in Portland so far. She is passionate about mentorship especially for women in cardiology, and also committed to addressing racial health disparities in our field. Her prior research has been based out of chest pain units with the goal of determining the most effective and efficient management of low-risk patients presenting with chest pain to the emergency department.

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Pranav Chandrashekar

Pranav Chandrashekar, M.D.
1st Year Fellow

Medical School: Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute

Residency Program: Oregon Health Science University 

Dr. Chandrashekar grew up in small town in eastern Kentucky then moved to Bangalore, India after middle school. He developed an interest in cardiology as a medical student caring for rheumatic heart disease patients and decided to return to America for further training. Following medical school, he completed a research year at Mayo Clinic, Rochester evaluating into surgical outcomes of patients with valvular heart disease. Completing residency in Portland at OHSU was not only an enriching academic experience, but he really loved living in the beautiful PNW, spending as much time as possible outdoors checking out new hiking trails and trying out all the great vegetarian food in Portland with his sister and friends. During residency he became involved in research related to cardiac amyloidosis and subsequently completed a fellowship in cardiac amyloidosis here at OHSU. He is excited to stay in Portland where he has made so many great friends and can’t wait to learn all that he can during his general cardiology fellowship training here at OHSU.

What are your future plans? I plan to pursue a general cardiology fellowship next year.
Why did you choose OHSU for your fellowship training? OHSU had very supportive, approachable faculty who were focused on helping me learn and achieve my goals. Having spent 3 years as a resident at OHSU I felt confident that I would have a great clinical experience focused on education as well as required resources to help support my research endeavors.
What do you enjoy doing outside of training? I love spending as much time as I can outdoors usually hiking, camping, or skiing. When I'm not outdoors I enjoy watching/playing soccer and spending time with my friends.

Ahmed Altibi

Ahmed Altibi, M.D., M.P.H.

Medical School: University of Jordan Faculty of Medicine

Residency Program: Henry Ford Allegiance Health/ Henry Ford Health System

Born & raised in Palestine, Dr. Altibi began his journey in the US in Pennsylvania where he spent a year doing research in cardiology at the University of Pittsburgh after graduating medical school. His research there, focused on the role of wearable defibrillators in preventing sudden cardiac death, sparked his interest in Cardiology. From Pittsburgh, he moved to Michigan for few years of Internal Medicine residency at Henry Ford Hospitals, where he also served as Chief Resident in the Department of Medicine. Concurrently, his passion for epidemiology & health disparities in cardiovascular medicine has driven him to complete an MPH degree in Epidemiology at Harvard University. Hailing from the Midwest, Dr. Altibi is excited to be moving to the west coast and exploring the PNW for the first time. He enjoys hiking, sightseeing, exploring parks, and cooking.

Colter Wichern

Colter Wichern, M.D.

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Residency Program: University of California Davis Medical Center

Originally from Wyoming, Dr. Wichern grew up loving the outdoors. Camping, hiking, fly fishing, and racing dirt bikes has kept him occupied for most of his life. During college, he found his passion for learning about the human body and how science can inform the way we optimize physical performance. He is particularly motivated to help our healthcare teams advance our multidisciplinary approach to assist patients with cardiovascular diseases improve their overall wellness. As a training product of the COVID-19 pandemic, he felt especially at home in the critical care units while caring for the sickest patients. He has been involved with research which has identified new echocardiographic parameters of heart function in patients with heart failure as well as investigated the optimal pacemaker settings in patients with heart failure who also have left ventricular assist devices. He is looking forward to returning to OHSU and the beautiful Pacific Northwest to continue training as a cardiology fellow.

Sanket Gokhale

Sanket Gokhale, M.D., D. Pharm.

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science

Residency Program: University of Illinois-Chicago

Dr. Gokhale is originally from Libertyville, IL and completed residency at the University of Illinois-Chicago. When not in the hospital, he enjoys food, the NBA and spending time with his family. He is currently undecided as to his ultimate career plans but is interested in medical education and quality improvement. He is looking forward to learning as much cardiology as he can over the next three years and cannot wait to get started and meet everyone.    

Omar Sheik

Omar Sheikh, M.D.

Medical School: Baqai Medical College

Residency Program: University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Dr. Sheikh was born in Canada, raised in Texas and moved to Pakistan to complete his medical education. He pursed Internal Medicine training in Texas where he coupled matched with his wife. During residency, he was able to confirm his passion for Cardiology. His specific interests are in Interventional Cardiology, however he hopes to explore all aspects of Cardiology. Dr. Sheikh’s prior research interests include Cardiogenic Shock, platelet and lipidology. He is also somewhat of a sports fanatic, especially related Houston Sports teams. Go Rockets!

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

Uday Sandhu, M.D.

Uday Sandhu, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: University of California, Davis, Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine, Grenada,  Residency: The University of Texas - Texas Medical Center

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Christopher Verdick, M.D.
2nd Year Fellow

Undergraduate: Drake University, Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria, Residency: Virginia Commonwealth University

Laith Alkukhun

Laith Alkukhun, M.D.

Residency Program: Cleveland Clinic

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program: UPMC- Presbyterian

Dr. Alkukhun grew up and attended medical school in Jordan before moving to the US for medical training. He was fascinated by the ongoing advancement in the field of cardiac electrophysiology. His research interest is about understanding the complex pathophysiology of atrial fibrillation. He enjoys playing basketball, biking and spending the day outside with his wife, son and their little dog.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Ibett Colina

Ibett Colina Garcia, M.D.

Residency Program: Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program: Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Dr. Colina Garcia is originally from Venezuela. She comes from a city in the Andes called Merida. She lived in Chicago for the last six years for residency and fellowship training.  She is passionate about congenital heart disease and cardiac MRI. She is interested in researching clinical tools that help predict long term outcomes in patients born with congenital heart disease. In her free time she enjoys cooking foods from different cuisines and dancing to Latin American music.

Interventional Cardiology

Mohammed Osman

Mohammed Osman, M.D.

Residency Program: Hurley Medical Center/ Michigan State University

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program: West Virginia University

Dr. Osman, grew in Khartoum, Sudan, where he went for medical school before moving to US for further medical training. He joined Michigan State University and West Virginia University for internal medicine residency and general cardiology fellowship, respectively. During his training, he served as chief internal medicine resident and chief cardiology fellow. Dr. Osman has several publications and his research areas of interest include racial and gender disparities in interventional & structural cardiology, cardiogenic shock, mechanical circulatory support devices, invasive hemodynamics, and coronary artery disease.

Structural Heart Disease

Bhaskar Bhardwaj

Bhaskar Bhardwaj, M.D.

Residency Program: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program: University of Missouri-Columbia

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program: University of Missouri-Columbia

Dr. Bhardwaj finished his medical Education at Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, India. Thereafter, he completed Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Missouri Kansas City; General and Interventional Cardiology Fellowships at the University of Missouri Columbia. He is interested in outcomes-based clinical research in structural and interventional cardiology. 

Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Sylvia Biso

Sylvia Biso, M.D.

Residency Program: Albert Einstein Medical Center

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

Prior to her residency, Dr. Biso did research at the Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute at Mt Sinai Hospital in NY with focus on cardiac MRI. She then went on for internal medicine residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, where she became chief resident. She did her cardiology fellowship at University of Illinois – Chicago and became board certified in echo, nuclear, and cardiac CT imaging upon graduating. She’s excited to try out Portland’s restaurant scene and experience its beautiful mountains/hiking trails. Her goal for this year is to take up running again and, hopefully, go from NYHA class IV to NYHA class III.