Cardiovascular Genomics and Genetics Research


The cardiovascular genomics and genetics research laboratories in the Knight Cardiovascular Institute work to understand the molecular basis of cardiovascular development and health through the application of innovative technologies. Current projects of interest include:

Exploring both early and late in life events that shape heart physiology, anatomy, and disease progression through genomics and epigenomics tools. 
Investigating the contribution of placental defects, germline mutations, and epigenetic misregulation on lifetime cardiovascular disease risk.

Current research

Technology development

Our research teams are developing novel high throughput technologies to simultaneously interrogate thousands of single cells for genomic and epigenomic properties. These tools facilitate a high-resolution analysis of latent cell types and differentiation progression in the developing heart and vascular system.

Epigenetics research and support

We are investigating how epigenetic modifications affect regulation of gene expression and contribute to the origin of chronic diseases. The institute hosts an Epigenetics Consortium that aims to foster research in epigenetics and leverage expertise present at OHSU. The consortium also helps investigators analyze epigenetic regulation, taking advantage of both new and emerging technologies.

Genetic analysis of human cardiovascular diseases

Our laboratories perform next generation sequencing, including whole genomes and exomes of various world populations, to discover genes associated with cardiovascular diseases, including cardiomyopathies and coronary artery disease.

Patient stem cell models

We are involved in understanding the molecular mechanisms of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy by utilizing patient -specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The cardiomyocytes differentiated from these patient-derived iPSCs are also utilized to screen candidate drugs.

Research models of cardiovascular disease

We are exploring various candidate drugs and its mechanisms using transgenic Drosophila and mice models of cardiovascular diseases to enhance precision medicine.


Postdoctoral and other research positions are available within the cardiovascular genomics and genetics research laboratories of the Knight Cardiovascular Institute. Please review our faculty profiles below for further information about areas of focus and contact the faculty member directly to inquire about available positions associated with his or her laboratory.

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