Knight Cardiovascular Institute Patient Stories

More Oregonians trust OHSU with their heart and vascular health. Here are a few stories from patients like you.


Knight Cardiovascular Institute patient Jana Rugh

I didn't think I would ever get my old life back, but I'm stronger and healthier than I was a decade ago.

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Knight Cardiovascular Institute patient Craig

I live in Texas, and after 64 years of almost perfect health, experiencing a cardiac arrest was the last thing on my mind. I had started a new health routine 18 months prior that involved exercise and health supplements. Immediately I developed night sweats, something I had never experienced before.

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Knight Cardiovascular Institute patient Tiffany

 I have tried to lead a pretty healthy life, eating well and staying active, but when my brother recently needed a quintuple bypass at age 50 it rocked me a little.

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Photo of cardiovascular patient Jessica

I was born with pulmonary stenosis. Later I was diagnosed with tachycardia and had an ablation to fix my heart’s rhythm. I was fine for about two decades until a couple years ago, when I suffered a grand mal seizure and was rushed to OHSU for open heart surgery. 

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