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Unexpected friendship grows out of a tragic death
JUL 2021

Vancouver man celebrates transplant anniversary, friendship with donor's family
MAY 2021

New heart allows man to plan for future
AUG 2020

Heart pump offers Eugene man ‘complete turnaround’
JUN 2020

OHSU performs first heart transplant since 2018
APR 2020

Early identification and treatment is key (video)
FEB 2020

Oregonian gets life saving heart valve repair without open heart surgery
FEB 2020

"Eat Your Heart Out” – Portland restaurants make healthy dining delicious this February
FEB 2020

Marijuana is risky for people taking common heart medications
JAN 2020

Protein associated with many diseases fully visualized for first time
OCT 2019

Always look on the bright side - your life might depend on it
SEP 2019

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at OHSU earns national accreditation
AUG 2019

Portland man shares his experience with heart failure ahead of Heart and Stroke Walk in downtown Portland
MAY 2019

As people born with heart defects live longer, doctors are learning how to treat them: Heart Health 2019
FEB 2019

The best heart hospital in every state
FEB 2019

Oregon Innovators Then and Now
AUG 2018

Heart disease survivor part of OHSU's new cardiovascular women's health program
MAY 2018

Children who survive congenital heart defects can face new problems as adults
JAN 2018

Will the new blood pressure guidelines lead to 'overzealous medication'?
JAN 2018

Screening and breakthrough offering hope for cardiomyopathy
NOV 2017 

Heart Healthy Family Tree
NOV 2017

Definition of High Blood Pressure Drops
NOV 2017

Drug improves heart's pumping efficiency
SEP 2017 

Another big hurricane raises stakes for heart patients
SEP 2017

U.S. News names OHSU Hospital No. 1 in Oregon, ranks seven OHSU specialties among best in the nation
AUG 2017

Study in Nature demonstrates method for repairing genes in human embryos that prevents inherited diseases
AUG 2017

Crowded U.S. emergency depts tied to worse heart attack survival for blacks
JUL 2017

Health insurance expansion linked to fewer sudden cardiac arrests
JUN 2017

Study: Tiny bubbles, ultrasound could prevent amputations
APR 2017

Cutting salt from your diet: It's not the salt shaker, it's processed foods
FEB 2017

Every year thousands get a second chance through organ donation
DEC 2016

How Diabetes Can Sabotage Circulation
NOV 2016

WEAR study at OHSU looks to link genetics and heart disease
OCT 2016

The Inventors: How Dr. Starr's 'cherry blossom moment' led to the first artificial heart valve
JUL 2016

OHSU part of trial for new heart pump
MAR 2016

Vancouver man marks 50 years since getting Starr-Edwards heart valve
FEB 2016

Heart doctors are listening for clues to the future of their stethoscopes
JAN 2016

OHSU marks 30 years of heart transplants; recipient recalls his
DEC 2015

Portland area doctors weigh in on 'heart age' findings
OCT 2015

Heart attacks and African Americans
SEP 2015

OHSU-led study could help NASA's mission to Mars
JUL 2015

Dr. Albert Starr wins prestigious 2015 Grand Prix Scientifique award
APR 2015

Heart health: Advice from cardiologists changes as people age 
FEB 2015

Top tips to heart health: more exercise and less stress 
FEB 2015

Shifting wisdom, overall progress on maintaining a healthy heart, Oregon doctors say
FEB 2015

Making dietary changes, eating more vegetables and whole grains are keys to improving heart health
FEB 2015

OHSU's Phil Knight-backed heart group lands key certification
FEB 2015

OHSU, engineers team up to further cutting-edge heart devices, treatments
JAN 2015