Pediatric Consultations and Referrals

Consult phone and fax numbers

Contact Doernbecher Physician Consult and Referral Service by phone or fax to consult with a physician or to refer your patient.

  • Phone: 503-346-0644 or 888-346-0644

  • Fax: 503-346-6854 or 888-346-6854

Once Doernbecher receives your referral, we will contact your patient's family to schedule an appointment. We will also follow up with you to communicate the details of the appointment after your patient has been seen at Doernbecher.

Referral forms

Use the following forms to refer your patient to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital:

Call the OHSU transfer center

For all medical and surgical admissions or transfers.

  • Phone: 503 494-7000 or 800 648-4678

PANDA transport

For immediate ground or air transport of your patient to Doernbecher, contact the Pediatric and Neonatal Doernbecher Transport Team (PANDA).

  • Phone: 503-494-7000 or 888-66PANDA