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The Ophthalmic Genetics Service at the Casey Eye Institute is one of the premier centers in the world for patients with genetic diseases of the retina and other areas of the eye. Our mission is to provide superb patient care, conduct pioneering research that will lead to effective treatments for inherited retinal diseases, and train the next generation of ophthalmic genetics specialists through our ophthalmic genetics fellowship.



OHSU Casey Eye Institute to provide new, FDA-approved gene therapy for a form of blindness

Oregon Health and Science University will be one of just a few institutions nationwide to initially provide a new gene therapy treatment to treat a form of blindness that affects both children and adults. 

The treatment - called Luxturna and developed by Spark Therapeutics of Philadelphia - was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Dec. 19 for patients 12 months and older, making it the U.S.' first approved gene therapy for an inherited disease. Luxturna has been shown to improve visual function in children and adults with inherited retinal disease caused by mutations in a gene called RPE65.  

OHSU's Casey Eye Institute plans to start providing the treatment sometime in 2018. 

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Gene Therapy Center

The OHSU Casey Eye Institute is a premiere center for gene therapy research. Learn more about our Gene Therapy Center, including our current clinical trials.