Vision Loss Support Group

Devices and technology can help people read and do other important tasks.
Low vision aides support people with vision loss in their every day lives.

Supporting patients and their families experiencing vision loss

OHSU Casey Eye Institute is excited to offer a Vision Loss Support Group for people in the Portland, OR area who are experiencing changes to their vision, vision loss or low vision and want to receive additional support and information.  

The Patient Support Program is expanding, more support groups to come. Stay tuned for more information. 

Casey's Vision Loss Support Group is a great place to: 

  • Connect with others experiencing similar challenges 
  • Learn about adaptive skills to manage the impact of changes in vision on functioning 
  • Share your personal story and strategies for dealing with vision loss and changes to vision 
  • Learn about helpful tools, resources and tips to live life to the fullest from professionals from Casey and the community 

Support from a licensed social worker

The support group is led by Casey social worker Tara Albury, MSW, LCSW. Family members are welcome. 

If you do not feel a group experience would be beneficial for you, Casey social worker, Tara Albury, MSW, LCSW, can also offer patients one-on-one support in person or over the phone to assist with adapting to the impact of changes to your vision or other difficult ophthalmology diagnoses.  

Tara Albury is the licensed social worker at OHSU Casey Eye Institute, and leads the Vision Loss Support Group.
Tara Albury a the licensed social worker at OHSU Casey Eye Institute, and leads the Vision Loss Support Group.

Vision Loss Support Group video

Watch this video about assistive technology for people with vision loss, which was filmed at one of the recent Vision Loss Support Group meetings.

Interested in participating or have questions?

Please contact Casey's social worker, Tara Albury, MSW, LCSW at 503-494-1618 to learn more about this vision loss support group and how to get involved.

In the news

The Low Vision Support Group was recently featured in an OHSU News Hub story. Read the full article.