OHSU Transportation Updates

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, both at OHSU and in the general public.

As OHSU works towards a new normal, we will continue to update with the latest transportation changes. People with an OHSU login can visit OHSU Now for the latest updates.

Those with an OHSU login can view the most recent OHSU Now post for a look at the parking plan as we return to our new normal.

Parking is free with some key restrictions:

  • Patient parking is still reserved for patients only.
  • Permit areas are free. A permit is not required in the permit parking facilities unless otherwise noted.
  • See the map for Marquam Hill and the South Waterfront or reference the lists below for specific facility details.
  • Do not park in 24/7 reserved stalls unless you are assigned to that stall.
  • The Yellow Zone in Garage F is reserved for swing shift parkers.

Free permit parking facilities

Marquam Hill:

  • Garage A - only available for those with a Garage A permit, employees without an annual permit can reserve a free daily permit on MyCommute.
  • Garage C, Levels P2 and P4 – only available for those with a Garage C  permit, employees without an annual permit can reserve a free daily permit on MyCommute.
  • Garage D, Levels P3 – P6
  • Garage E, Levels P4 – P6
  • Garage F, Levels P1 – P4 and P6 – P8
  • Garage K, Level P4
  • Surface lots 10, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 90* - Lot 10 only available for those with a Lot 10 permit, employees without an annual permit can reserve a free daily permit on MyCommute.

South Waterfront:

* Oversized vehicles allowed. 

Free patient parking facilities

Marquam Hill: 

South Waterfront:

* Oversized vehicles allowed.

Garages that are not managed by OHSU will not be free for anyone who pulls a ticket and parks. They will be free for annual permit holders who pay by payroll deduction. Those garages include:

  • Riverplace
  • Opera House
  • 4th and Clay
  • Market Square Building

To reduce the overall number of people on the Tram, OHSU and the City of Portland have temporarily ceased general ticket sales. Tram attendants and guides are available to help direct foot traffic, prioritize urgent trips, and guide people to other inter-campus options.

Tram loading has been limited to fewer than 10 people per cabin.

Masks are required to be worn on the Tram. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.

Employees and patients can use the Tram for transportation between campuses, but we ask that trips be limited as much as possible.

Valid fare for the Tram includes:

  • OHSU ID Badges
  • VA Employee ID Badges
  • Patient passes (Family passes are not accepted at this time) – patient passes can be obtained from OHSU Concierge desks or your provider.


This service is dependent on Lyft continuing to transport people. Per Lyft guidelines you cannot use Lyft if you are symptomatic, please see the COVID-19 OHSU site for information on steps you should take.

How is OHSU using Lyft for COVID-19?
Lyft Concierge allows multiple authorized users to hail Lyft rides on behalf of their constituents. In response to COVID-19, OHSU has created a specific ‘COVID-19 Lyft Concierge’ account to facilitate travel for OHSU Members during Modified Operations. All rides hailed via this account are being centrally funded. *The transport of patients or symptomatic OHSU members is not permitted via the Lyft Concierge platform.
How do I get access to the COVID-19 Lyft Concierge account?
A department representative should email with a list of OHSU emails for any employees from your department/group that need access. We will not be setting up individual requests at this time, the request must come from a manager or representative of your department. Instructions.
More Lyft information:

Effective Wednesday, March 25, 2020, South Waterfront and Marquam Hill Shuttle service will be halted until further notice. Please email with any questions. 


During modified operations, TriMet has urged the public to only ride for essential trips. Capacity has been limited and some seats restricted to maintain social distancing. Cash is not being accepted. Riders are required to wear masks and drivers are required to wear masks when their buses have riders. 

C-Tran has taken measures similar to TriMet. 

Check with the transit agency for their latest updates: 

Learn general information about OHSU’s transit program: 

March 17, 2020 service update
  • Self parking: Available in the fenced off Go By Bike area.
  • Go By Bike staff will be on site : 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday
  • Locks : Available to borrow. Supplies limited.
  • Free bicycle repairs: Available to OHSU workforce members who are required to be onsite. Fill out the repair form at and leave your bike with an attendant. 

More resources for biking to OHSU:

Effective Monday, March 30, 2020, the process for new hires to receive their ID badge and complete onboarding paperwork will change. For additional details visit our O2 page.  

All OHSU Members must wear their OHSU ID while on campus and all members and visitors to campus must wear a mask at all times.

There are eight checkpoints across campus to allow entry for patients and visitors into healthcare areas, all other doors are secured and available by badge access only.

The Customer Service Centers are operating with reduced hours due to Modified Operations. Lobby capacity is limited to maintain physical distancing.

Customer Service Centers

Marquam Hill: Physical Plant

  • Open weekdays, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Closed for OHSU holidays.

South Waterfront: Rood Family Pavilion

  • Open weekdays, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Closed for OHSU holidays.

For general badge questions:

For badge reader, time schedules or access control questions:

Additional resources


OHSU is providing new resources to help workforce members create their best setup with telework.