Gender Surgery Fellowship

The Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery offers a 1 year fellowship in Advanced Gender Surgery. The fellow will be exposed to the full breadth of gender surgery with a focus on facial and genital gender affirming surgery. The fellowship is unique in that our trainees will also spend significant amount of time with our Urology colleagues and work in close collaboration with the Reconstructive Urology fellow. Our fellows are also exposed to the full multi-disciplinary aspect of gender affirming care through interactions and clinical exposure to: primary care, endocrinology, voice and speech, adolescent endocrinology, gynecology, mental health, social work and if desired fertility counseling and treatment. Participation in programmatic building and community engagement is desired; as well as involvement in monthly multi-disciplinary care discussions. 

Core surgical curriculum: 

  • Facial gender confirmation surgery
  • Laryngeochondroplasty 
  • Chest affirmation surgery 
  • Phalloplasty including erectile device placement 
  • Metoidioplasty 
  • Vagino and Vulvoplasty 
  • Body contouring 
  • Simple and complex genital revision surgeries

Qualifications include broad exposure in residency to microsurgery, facial trauma and aesthetic surgery. 

Applications currently being accepted through March 1, 2023 via email and interviews will be held in-person in April. Our interview and match day are aligned with other academic gender surgical fellowships, so that applicants can apply broadly and evaluate all programs. 

To apply, email your CV, 2 letters of recommendation and personal statement to our program coordinator

If you have any further questions, email, who will forward your email to fellowship program director Dr. Jens Berli.