Research Programs and Labs

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Oregon Tuberculosis Research Lab

The Oregon Tuberculosis Research Lab (OTBRL) investigators are committed to discovering new mechanism and therapeutics for TB.
Oregon-based scientists include Drs. David and Deborah Lewinsohn, Dr. Christina Lancioni, Dr. Georgiana Purdy, Dr. Melanie Harriff, and Dr. Kevin Winthrop.

OHSU Asthma Lab

The OHSU Asthma Lab is a collaborative group of scientists investigating mechanisms of asthma with the goal of discovering novel treatments.
Investigators include: Dr. Allison Fryer, Dr. David Jacoby, Dr. Jane Nie, Dr. Matthew Drake

Smith Laboratory

The Smith Laboratory focuses on neuronal signaling in the mammalian brain and understanding how this is altered in disease states. Major targets of our work include calcium sensing receptors (CaSR) in neuronal somata and terminals, heterogeneity of synaptic transmission at synapses, the regulation of voltage-activated sodium and calcium channels, and the pathogenesis of delirium.

Hall Laboratory

The Hall Laboratory studies the biophysical properties and dynamics of lung surfactant as they pertain to homeostasis and disease.

PCCM Clinical and Health Services Research at OHSU


OHSU is a leading contributor to the PETAL Network, leading interventional and observational studies to prevent Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) or provide early treatment to improve the outcome of patients who have ARDS. Dr. Terri Hough is the principal investigator of PETAL’s Pacific Northwest Clinical Center. Dr. Akram Khan is site PI at OHSU. (

Pulmonary Care and Critical Care Research Team

The Portland Pulmonary Care and Critical Care Research Team (PDX-PCCCRT) is a collaborative of clinical researchers whose aim is to improve the overall quality of healthcare for both critical care and pulmonary disease patients. They hope to accomplish this by using comparative research methodologies to focus on improving patient-centered outcomes, enhancing patient-clinician communication, and advancing the standard of care for patients.
Investigators include: Dr. Christopher Slatore, Dr. Donald Sullivan, Dr. Kelly Vranas

OHSU PCCM Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutic Development Network (TDN) Center

OHSU is one of the leading TDN centers nationally focused on studying new therapies and outcomes in CF. Current studies include a wide range of therapeutic areas, including CFTR modulators, anti-infectives, and anti-inflammatories.
CF Research Team Coordinators:

Pulmonary Vascular Research Program

The OHSU vascular biology research program provides advanced therapeutics for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) and serves as OHSU’s primary research hub for coordinating clinical trials in PH.

Portland VA CIVIC

CIVIC’s mission is to conduct research that empowers Veterans to improve their health through engagement in self-care, engagement with VA and non-VA healthcare systems, and engagement in the research process.

Center for Global Child Health Research

Center for Global Child Health Research: link