Emergency Medicine

Toxicology Fellowship Rotation for Residents and Med Students

The Medical Toxicology rotation is open for medical students and residents in all medical specialties. The rotation is designed to give students and residents a well-rounded education in the core principles in Medical Toxicology.

Each day, residents and students arrive to the Poison Center by 8am, meet with the Poison Center nurses and get a list of patient cases. Each of the students/residents pick cases for themselves, review the cases and identify the potential toxins/medications. The student/resident should look up any information that they need about the medications/toxins concerning expected clinical effects and treatments. After educating themselves on the medications/toxins involved, the students/residents should call the hospital and speak to a nurse or physician who is caring for the patient for an update on the patient's condition and pertinent labs.

At 9am, the students/residents meet with the Toxicology Team including the fellows, pharmacy student, and faculty member and go to OHSU or DCH to see bedside consultations. After consultations, the team meets in the conference room to discuss active Poison Center cases. The student/resident will be expected to know details about the medication/toxin, what type of medication, what it is used for, what its clinical effects are, and all treatment modalities.

On Mondays, the team will participate in the Multi-State Toxicology Case Conference at 1pm. Instructions on how to dial into this conference call are in the conference room.

Every afternoon, there will be a didactic session. This will vary from a lecture from a faculty member to a chapter review to journal club. The schedule is posted in the Poison Center.