Emergency Medicine

Message from Residency Program Director

Jones David Headshot 250X312

Welcome to the OHSU Emergency Medicine Residency program.  We are excited to introduce you to our program.  As one of the oldest programs in the nation (founded in 1978, before emergency medicine was even considered a specialty), we have been training emergency medicine physicians for longer than almost anyone else.  We believe that we are not just training you for a job, but training you for a career.  As result, we do not just focus on the technical aspects of being an emergency physician, but also promote habits and behaviors that will lead to long and successful careers as emergency physicians.

As the only emergency medicine residency program in Oregon, we are able to provide exposure to a variety of different practice environments and styles, whether it is the academic emergency department, community emergency medicine, or the critical access rural ED.  As a result, you have an opportunity to provide healthcare for a myriad of different populations and exposure to a variety of healthcare systems to ultimately make the best decision of your career.

OHSU has a wonderful combination of missions.  As the states only publicly funded hospital, we are the safety net hospital for all of Oregon.  This results in provision of care for all Oregonians, regardless of wealth, race, creed, social standing, gender, or sexual orientation.   At the same time, we are a quaternary care referral center engaged in research and education at a national level.

Our nationally recognized faculty hails from all over the country, resulting in training that will help you develop your own practice, not just “the OHSU way”.  Outside of the clinical arena, our faculty is at the top of the field in education, research, service, administration, EMS, toxicology, ultrasound, and pediatric emergency medicine.

We are committed to a diverse workforce and welcome applicants of all races, backgrounds, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and actively believe that a diverse workforce is a stronger workforce.  Heterogeneity creates ideas and opportunities that homogeneity never could.

I recognize that in pandemic times it can be extra challenging to determine whether you would fit in at a residency program.  The normal avenues for exploring the residency culture are limited due to travel restrictions and virtual interviews.  Please feel free to join us for virtual hangouts and send any questions or concerns that you have about our residency, about emergency medicine, or about the residency process to us.

Learn more about our residency program here