Emergency Medicine

Medical Students Ambulance Ride-Along

Ambulance Ride-Along

Each student will have the opportunity to experience how pre-hospital care works by completing an ambulance ride-along with American Medical Response, the local ambulance transport.


  1. Dress Requirements: light blue or white button-up shirt (long or short sleeve), dark blue or black slacks. Must wear black shoes/boots (no black tennis shoes). No exceptions! Scrubs, jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes or sandals are not acceptable.
  2. Full beards are not allowed while doing a ride-along. Facial hair must be kept short and professional, nothing beyond a moustache and/or goatee is allowed.
  3. If riding at night, a flashlight is required.
  4. Review, complete and bring AMR Ride-along Observer Policy
  5. Bring picture ID (OHSU badge)
  6. All shifts are 12 hours - no exceptions!


American Medical Response
1 SE Second Ave
Portland, OR 97214

I-5 Northbound: Take the Central Eastside/OMSI exit off I-5. The signal at the end of the exitramp is for Water Ave. At the signal, turn LEFT onto Water Ave. and follow the street around to2nd Ave (1 block past the railroad tracks). Turn LEFT on 2nd Ave and continue down the street4 blocks and AMR is located on the left side.

I-5 Southbound: Take Rose Quarter exit. Go to the 2nd stop light and turn LEFT onto Weidler.Stay in the right hand land and travel to MLK Blvd. (Approx 2nd light) and turn RIGHT. Travelsouth past the Burnside Bridge (approx. 6 lights). Go 1 more block and turn RIGHT ontoAnkeny. Go 2 blocks and AMR is located directly in front of you.

I-84 Westbound: Take the Lloyd Ctr. Exit and continue to go straight to MLK blvd - the 5thsignal light. Turn left on MLK and go 4 blocks and turn RIGHT onto Ankeny (1 block pastBurnside). Go 2 blocks and the AMR building is directly in front of you.

I-205: Take I-205 to I-84 West -- then follow the I-84 Westbound directions above.

There is parking on the street or in the south lot. Be sure to allow plenty of time for parking.
IMPORTANT - Do not block access to the handicap parking space!

Access to AMR Operations is best gained by the glass doors at the sound end of the building(to the left as you face the facility). During normal business hours, enter the lobby and tellthe receptionist why you are there. If the doors are locked, ring the doorbell next to the glass doors and request to see the EMS supervisor on duty.

Need to Cancel?

If you must cancel your ride-along (unexpectedly at the last minute) please contact AMR - Jennifer Stoner, 503-736-3480.

Do not call Jennifer Stoner to switch or reschedule shifts!

To reschedule, or if you need to switch shifts with another student, please contact Kimberly Regner, 503-494-1270regner@ohsu.edu

Additional Helpful Hints

Shifts are unpredictable, be prepared.

  • Bring reading materials
  • Bring Food