Other Benefits

OHSU offers numerous other benefits to postdoctoral scholars. Click below to learn about supplemental insurance coverages, as well as programs in which you may wish to participate.

OHSU postdocs are eligible for priority enrollment and discounted tuition rates at Healthy Starts Children's Center, a state-of-the-art childcare center located at the South Waterfront, next to the Center for Health and Healing. Children's Creative Learning Centers (CCLC) owns and operates Healthy Starts. Healthy Starts Children's Center also offers drop-in service for both planned and unexpected short-term care. Space for drop-in care is limited; please contact the center to inquire about availability.

Visit the CCLC website for more information on center operations and to request enrollment information. To schedule a tour, contact the center at 971-230-2342.

In addition to discounted tuition rates at Healthy Starts, OHSU families enjoy a 10% tuition discount with the largest network of early childhood education programs in the U.S. This discount applies to care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old at participating KinderCare Learning Centers and Champions Before-and-After-School Programs.

Participating nearby KinderCare Learning Centers accepting the OHSU discount include Downtown KinderCare, Lake Grove Kinder Care, and West Linn KinderCare. For more information, visit the KinderCare Employee Benefits page.

For detailed information about childcare benefits, please visit the OHSU Benefits Department's Childcare page on O2.

Many companies and organizations offer discounted services and products to you as an OHSU postdoctoral scholar. The list is extensive and includes many local and national companies.

For a full list of discounts, visit the Employee Discounts Program page on O2.

The March Wellness & Fitness Center, located on the South Waterfront in the Center for Health & Healing, is open to all OHSU postdoctoral scholars and their spouses for a discounted membership rate.

To learn more, visit the March Wellness & Fitness Center webpage.

Life insurance plans

Life insurance pays benefits to your designated beneficiaries if you die or if a dependent dies while covered by the plan. OHSU provides benefits-eligible postdoctoral scholars with life insurance through The Hartford.  All benefits-eligible postdoctoral scholars are provided Core Life Insurance coverage of $25,000 at no cost. Additional coverage may be purchased through a payroll deduction.

For rates for additional coverage, and program information, visit the Life Insurance Plans page on O2

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

AD&D pays you or your beneficiaries a set amount of money in a lump sum if the death or dismemberment is the direct result of an accident. AD&D benefits are paid in addition to any life insurance benefits.

For rates for additional coverage, and program information, visit the AD&D Plan page on O2. 

Disability insurance provides a percentage of your pre-disability income based on your frozen compensation, untaxed, while you are missing time from work due to your medical condition.

Short-term disability

Short-Term Disability (STD) pays 65% of the first $1,923 of your weekly earnings based on your frozen compensation for up to 180 days from the date of disability (some limitations apply). You may choose an 8-day, 30-day, 90-day or 1/15-day waiting period. The 1/15 plan has two waiting periods before disability payments begin. If you are disabled as the result of an accident, you have no waiting period. If you are disabled as the result of anything but an accident, your waiting period is 15 days.

Long-term disability

Long-Term Disability (LTD) pays 65% of the first $8,333 of your monthly earnings based on your frozen compensation, coordinated with other income and benefits, after you have been disabled for 180 days (some limitations apply). LTD has a maximum benefit period determined by your age.

These disability plans do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy).

Postdoctoral scholars paid stipends directly by their funding agencies are not eligible to participate in these insurance plans, as premiums cannot be collected from your pay.

For more detailed information about the STD and LTD insurance plans, please visit the Disability Insurance Plans page on O2.

Public transportation transit passes

Your OHSU ID badge is valid fare on the Portland Aerial Tram and the Portland Streetcar. When asked, simply show your ID badge to the conductor. For TriMet and C-TRAN, OHSU offers transit passes at a significant subsidy over retail price. The passes are active August through August of the following year. 

For more information, visit Transportation and Parking's Transit Program page on O2.

Bike Incentive Program

OHSU postdocs can earn cash reimbursement for biking - 20 rides earns $20. To qualify, you must have network access and bike at least 2 miles roundtrip to any OHSU location.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have an OHSU ID Badge, and OHSU username and password;
  • Bike at least two miles from your OHSU destination;
  • Bike the day you log a trip; and
  • Abide by the OHSU Code of Conduct.

Using public transit, including the Tram, doesn't affect your eligibility as long as you bike at least two miles.

For more information, visit Transportation and Parking's Bike Incentive Program page on O2.