Find a Mentor and Lab

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To start your OHSU postdoctoral training, identify a lab and mentor that fits your research interests, your personal and career goals, and your personality. Begin by exploring the expert profiles in OHSU's Research Expertise database. Like any job search, it is also about who you know. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs suggests seeking recommendations from your current advisors, mentors, or other network connections, as they may know OHSU scientists with whom you can train.

In most instances, postdoctoral positions are obtained through direct contact with the Principal Investigator (PI). Once you have identified a potential laboratory and mentor with whom you would like to work, send your CV and cover letter to the PI via e-mail.

In other cases, PIs may actively recruit postdoctoral candidates through advertisement of open positions. These postdoctoral positions, but not all, may be listed online at OHSU's job site. Prospective postdocs should search the Postdoctoral job category to identify open positions.

Find a mentor

Use OHSU's Research Expertise database to identify potential mentors.

Open OHSU postdoc positions

Some PIs advertise open positions online. Search the Postdoctoral job category.