Postdoctoral Society

Springtime flowers outside of Mac Hall at OHSU

Overview and Mission

The Postdoctoral Society at OHSU works toward the goals of enriching the postdoctoral experience and supporting a flourishing postdoc community. The mission of the society is to enhance the academic, professional, and social experience for all postdoctoral scholars at OHSU. It fosters a postdoctoral community through scientific collaboration, networking opportunities, and career and professional development seminars. The four fundamental aims of the Postdoctoral Society are to:

  1. Facilitate communication and collaboration among postdocs and between postdocs and faculty
  2. Promote the education and exposure of postdoctoral scholars to the multitude of PhD career prospects
  3. Support the professional development of OHSU postdocs
  4. Foster the development of a social environment conducive towards an optimal research training experience

The Postdoctoral Society collaborates with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to develop and support its goals and initiatives. All postdocs are welcome to participate in Postdoctoral Society events! And interested postdocs can join society leadership at any time by reaching out to the Postdoctoral Society at!

You can read the Postdoc Society Bylaws here to learn more!

The Postdoctoral Society works to support the diverse perspectives and experiences within the postdoctoral community at OHSU to build a thriving research training environment. This includes not only enhancing ground-breaking research, but maintaining the overall health and well-being of postdocs. 

Stay tuned for invitations from the Postdoctoral Society to attend picnics, hikes, happy hours, and more! These are great opportunities to network with other postdocs and enjoy some much needed relaxation outside the lab!

The Postdoctoral Society helps postdocs across OHSU build professional skills for diverse career aspirations. The society connects with both internal and external resources to support academic and non-academic career paths. Examples of career supports include:

  • Monthly Research in Progress Seminar Series
  • Graduate Student-Postdoc Mentoring Program
  • Participation in the National Postdoctoral Association
  • Curating of online resources

As researchers, the Postdoctoral Society believes we have a responsibility to support marginalized groups in academia and to re-educate ourselves on issues of suppression and racism. The society works to provide resources that allow for the recognition of personal biases, uplift marginalized voices, advocate for increased representation of postdocs from all backgrounds, and denounce racism in all its forms. 

The Postdoctoral Society seeks to increase awareness of OHSU resources important to the personal and professional success of postdocs. In addition, this society works to advocate for the needs of all postdocs, including the development of innovative supports and solutions. They are committed to minimizing obstacles that postdocs may experience while engaged in their research training. 

If you experience questions or concerns as a postdoctoral scholar at OHSU and would like to connect with the Postdoctoral Society, please reach out to