Appointment Checklist

Below, please find a step-by-step guide for hiring a new postdoctoral scholar. If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner or Department Administrator.

  1. E-mail Financial Analyst, Grant Coordinators, and Department Administrator with intent to recruit and/or hire
  2. Obtain a position description (PD) from the PI or Hiring Manager
  3. Submit Position Approval Request (PAR) & PD for approval (SOM IRC posting should cc the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs)
  4. Post IRC and save approval strings in recruitment folder on x:drive
  1. Send offer letter to Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, with CV, for salary and benefit verification and approval
  2. Route approved offer letter to Principle Investigator, Department Administrator, or Department Chair for signature
  3. Send signed offer letter to postdoctoral scholar candidate for approval or rejection
  4. With accepted offer:Signed Confidentiality and Intellectual Property &Federal and State Program Compliance Verification
    • Update IRC posting to "Pre-Hire Accepted Offer"
    • Begin visa application (if needed)
      • Determine visa type  and contact the Office of International Affairs (OIA)
      • Complete appropriate visa application packet
      • Gather completed application materials from applicant and route to OIA (offer letter, application components, billing alias, copies of passport, etc.)
      • Must have successful Visa application to move forward
  5. Conduct criminal background check, allowing up to two weeks for completion. The check is valid for up to 180 days.
    • Background checks for internationally-residing new hires can be done before candidate arrives in US.
    • If no international scholar does not have a SSN, note in comments: "not a US Person, no SSN at this time" and use 000-00-0000 for SSN field.
  6. Begin Human Resources Express (HRE) Actions
    • Attach funding information from financial analyst
    • Attach PAR, PD, approval strings, signed offer letter, and CV
    • Add Office of Postdoctoral Affairs as FYI on HRE transaction
    • Forward submitted HRE Action to financial analyst
  7. Register postdoctoral scholar for OHSU New Employee Orientation
  8. Forward name, lab, position & e-mail to Department Administration Team
  1. If starting before NEO, complete new hire paperwork.
    • Activate OHSU Network Account
    • Log in to Oracle to tour and update Employee Self Service
    • Complete the W-4 online in Oracle. International employees must apply for a SSN.
    • Complete an I-9 online via PreEmploy. International employees complete paper I-9 documents.
    • Verify SEVIS record for International employees. Best completed at OIA.
    • Review OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion website, employee resource groups, and programs.
    • Review Employee Health Information, include JBT Center website and location, and email ReadySet instructions.
    • Complete a Direct Deposit Form. Complete a Foreign National Form to payroll for international employees.
    • Complete the Badge Form to be submitted to Parking and Transportation Office with Background check
  2. Complete Big Brain and Compass Trainings.
    • The following are required for badge access
      • HIPAA training
      • Respect at the University (RAU) training
      • Integrity Education Booster
      • Emergency Management
    • The following are required for laboratory compliance
      • Export Controls - Dangerous Goods Shipping
      • General & Laboratory Safety
      • Blood Borne Pathogen training for the research lab
      • Responsible Conduct of Research for All
      • Responsible Conduct of Research Involving Animal Subjects (if needed)
      • Responsible Conduct of Research Involving FDA Regulated Products (if needed)
      • Responsible Conduct of Research rDNA &I nfectious Agents (if needed)
  3. Apply for additional computer access (if needed)
    • CARS x: drive access
    • Other via CARS:
  4. Add to applicable departmental email listserv(s)
  5. Provide copy center code (if needed)
  6. Provide long distance code (if needed)
  7. Issue keys (if needed, post date of hire)
  8. Provide door punch codes (if applicable)
  9. Provide timekeeping instructions (via email)
  10. Review email archive
  11. Review employee benefits pages
  12. Review inclement weather policy
  13. Email OIA to enroll in new international orientation (held quarterly)
  14. Provide a tour of department facilities (admin staff, breakroom, bathrooms, conference spaces, etc.)

Provide any additional accesses:

  • Register with Dept of Comparative Medicine for Animal Handling
  • Oracle access
  • Requisitions training (if needed)