Appointment Checklist

Below, please find a step-by-step guide for hiring a new postdoctoral scholar. If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner or Department Administrator.

Before posting, all recruitments are subject to review and approval by one of two hiring committees, determined by the mission area the position is funded by:

  • The Healthcare and School of Medicine (SoM) Hiring Committee reviews Healthcare and SoM funded positions
  • The Academics, Research and Central (ARC) Hiring Committee reviews all other mission area funded positions
  • Split funded positions are reviewed by both committees

More information on the review process and required documents can be found on the OHSU Hiring Committees O2 page.

  1. Send offer letter to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (, with CV, for salary and benefit verification and approval
  2. Route approved offer letter to Principle Investigator, Department Administrator, or Department Chair for signature
  3. Send signed offer letter to postdoctoral scholar candidate for approval or rejection
  4. With accepted offer: Signed Confidentiality and Intellectual Property &Federal and State Program Compliance Verification
    1. Update IRC posting to "Pre-Hire Accepted Offer"
    2. Begin visa application (if needed)
    3. Determine visa type  and contact the Office of International Affairs (OIA)
    4. Complete appropriate visa application packet
    5. Gather completed application materials from applicant and route to OIA (offer letter, application components, billing alias, copies of passport, etc.)
    6. Must have successful Visa application to move forward
  5. Background check happens automatically once the postdoctoral scholar is placed in the "finalist selected" stage of the iCIMS system. iCIMS is OHSU's hiring software.
  6. For important information about onboarding, including onboarding plans and checklists, see the Onboarding page on O2.

For information about welcoming your new employee on the first day and beyond, the Welcome Checklist and Onboarding pages on O2 provide important details.    

Provide any additional accesses needed:

  • Register with Department of Comparative Medicine for Animal Handling
  • Oracle access
  • Requisitions training (if needed)