Health Plan

All Postdoctoral Scholars working at 0.5 FTE (20 hours/week) or greater are eligible for benefits at OHSU, including medical, dental, and vision. Postdocs may also cover their eligible dependents, including same-sex and opposite-sex spouses and children up to the age of 26.

OHSU provides postdocs a set amount of "benefit dollars" each month. The benefit dollars apply toward the cost of benefits with a pre-tax deduction: medical, dental, vision, and the first $25,000 of voluntary employee life insurance. Benefit dollars are based on the medical election. Currently, OHSU pays more than half of every postdoc's costs for medical, dental and basic life insurance; some postdocs pay little or nothing for basic coverage. Postdocs may opt out of medical and/or dental insurance coverage if they are covered under another group medical and/or dental plan.

Available exclusively to OHSU students and postdocs is primary and behavioral health care at the Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center (JBT Center). To learn more about the on-campus services available at the JBT Center, please read below.

To provide postdocs and their families' flexibility in health care coverage options, OHSU offers the choice of two medical plans, both of which include prescription coverage - the OHSU PPO and OHSU Regional Medical Home. Each plan is self-insured, meaning OHSU pays medical claims directly, and administered by Moda Health.

If you, or any of your dependents, live outside of the Oregon and Southwest Washington, a third National Plan is available.

To learn more about each plan, and to decide which is best for you, visit the OHSU Benefits Department's Medical Plans Summary page on O2. 

The mission of the Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center is to provide students and Postdoctoral Scholars with the tools for academic success through personal health and well-being during your years at OHSU. The JBT Center offers high quality, confidential primary and behavioral health care in their clinic on the Marquam Hill campus. Their medical and behavioral providers are JBT Center specific and do not work for other OHSU clinics or in any capacity where they would grade or evaluate you.

Aside from the convenient location, there are numerous benefits to utilizing the JBT Center for your primary and behavioral health needs:

  1. Primary care visits, billed through your insurance, are NOT subject to co-pays and deductibles.
  2. Behavioral health visits are available to postdocs at no cost.
  3. Confidentiality. The JBT Center is a independent clinical entity, separate from your academic or research program, as well as from OHSU Hospitals and Clinics.
  4. Same day or next day appointments, dependent on availability.
  5. Couples counseling for OHSU postdocs and their partners.

To find out about all the of the services offered by the JBT Center, visit their website.

Dental care is an important part of maintaining good health. Consequently, OHSU offers three dental plans from which to choose: Delta Dental, Kaiser Permanente, and Willamette Dental.

For more information, visit the OHSU Benefits Department's Dental Insurance Plans Summary page on O2.

You may also opt out of dental coverage. 

Postdocs can choose vision benefits through Vision Service Plan (VSP), of which there are two plan options: Core Vision and Premium Vision.

Core Vision (Basic Coverage): If you visit an in-network VSP provider, you will receive a free yearly exam and can get lenses and frames after copay every 24 months. Discounts are offered for lens options.

Premium Vision (Premier Coverage): The premium vision plan provides a higher level of coverage in some areas in exchange for slightly higher monthly premiums. For example, you are eligible for new glasses, lenses, or contacts every 12 months instead of every 24 months.

For more information, visit OHSU Benefits Department's Vision Plans summary page on O2.