Recruiting a Postdoc

Building the best team possible is critical to advancing your research program. In some cases, prospective postdocs may contact you directly to inquire about available positions. In other cases, to attract the best and brightest postdocs to your laboratory, you may need to actively recruit, especially if you require a postdoc with specific skills and expertise.

Recruit through OHSU

Regardless of whether you are hiring a postdoc who contacted you directly or if you are recruiting for an open postdoctoral position, the position must first be created (if not already) and funded. Once complete, the position will post to OHSU's job site, which is actively scanned by vertical search engine sites and job boards, such as Indeed.

If you would like to advertise an open postdoctoral position to specific populations at OHSU, such as graduate students or current postdocs, please contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to arrange distribution.

Advertise outside of OHSU

If you want to conduct a comprehensive national search for a postdoctoral position, there are a number of options; however, many require a fee.

Narrow Audience

Program books and career fairs for relevant conferences in your field
Specialty journals in your field
Oregon Bioscience Association
Washington Life Science