Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Postdoctoral Internship

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is a world-class facility for mass spectrometry and quantitative phosphoproteomics, ion mobility-based separations, metabolomics, and integration of "-omic" datasets. PNNL works closely with OHSU on strategic planning and development initiative, with the goal of identifying and realizing commercial opportunities for OHSU's innovations. Faculty possess leading-edge expertise in molecular imaging, computational biology, neuroscience, precision medicine, rare diseases, cardiology, and more.

The OHSU-PNNL Pacific Northwest Biomedical Innovation Co-laboratory, or PMedIC, enhances researcher and trainee access to technologies, expertise, and opportunities to advance the science at both institutions. This partnership led to the development of the PNNL Postdoctoral Internship. This internship provides professional support for OHSU postdoctoral scholars to develop unique and leading-edge scientific skills and expertise. Please see the details, eligibility, and application criteria below. 


Each PNNL postdoctoral internship can be individualized to meet the needs and interests of the postdoctoral scholar, OHSU PI, and PNNL Scientist. Timing and duties will vary by internship agreement; however, all internships consist of a set of experiences that provide a postdoctoral scholar with supervised hands-on experience and the independent application of skills and knowledge in a workplace setting. An internship is a limited duration offering with established outcomes. 


All OHSU postdoctoral scholars (as defined by OHSU Policy 03-10-045) may be eligible to complete an internship at PNNL. Interested postdocs must first consult with their PI to ensure a PNNL internship is compatible with the PI's laboratory needs, workload, and deadlines. With PI permission, other eligibility (e.g., background check, international requirements, etc.) can be determined.


Workflow for PNNL postdoc internship process

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