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Michael Forte Ph.D.

  •      (503) 494-5454
    • Professor Vollum Institute
    • Senior Scientist Vollum Institute
    • OHSU Knight Cancer Institute School of Medicine
    • OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute School of Medicine
    • Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences School of Medicine
    • Jungers Center for Neurosciences Research

Michael Forte, Ph.D. is a senior scientist at the Vollum Institute and a professor in the Departments of Molecular and Medical Genetics, Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology, and Physiology and Pharmacology in the School of Medicine. After being awarded his B.S. from the University of Notre Dame in 1973, Forte earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Washington in 1978. He then went to the University of Wisconsin for four years of postdoctoral research in Molecular Biology. In 1982, Forte became an assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University, where he remained until his appointment to the Vollum in 1986.

Dr. Forte's lab is investigating the role of mitochondria in the overall regulation of cellular calcium.

Areas of interest

  • mitochondria
  • ischemic cell death
  • neurodegeneration
  • mitochondrial permeability transition pore
  • small molecule therapies


  • B.S., University of Notre Dame 1973
  • Ph.D., University of Washington 1978

Memberships and associations

  • Genetics Society of America
  • Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • Biophysical Society

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