Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Foot and Ankle Video Resources

The following videos are provided for general information about a type of surgery or condition. They may not represent the surgery performed by your provider or the appropriate surgical option for you. Please talk with your provider about the recommended approaches for your specific case.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

Fracture of the Heal Bone (Calcaneus)

Fracture of the Talus

Ankle Fracture, Transfibular

Ankle Replacement

Arthroscopy of the Ankle

Arthroscopic Articular Cartilage Repair (Ankle)

Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

Bunionectomy with Wedge Osteotomy

Chevron Bunionectomy

Minimal Incision Toe Bone Spur Removal

Excision of Soft Tissue Masses

Excision of Mortons Neuromas

Weil Osteotomy for Claw Toe