Public Workstation Use Policy


The OHSU Library provides access to biomedical information resources in a complex networked environment. Every effort is made to maintain system operation at optimal levels. Please ask for assistance at the Reference Desk if you need help in getting started with your research or if you are having problems with equipment.

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Access to biomedical resources, including the OHSU and other online catalogs, health-related databases, full text journals, a wide variety of consumer health information and general Web access is provided on each floor of the Library. This service is provided to meet the health-related research and medical decision-making needs of the community. Use of this technology is a privilege and requires individual users to act responsibly. Failure to comply with the guidelines in this policy may result in the loss of the right to use the OHSU Library computers.

The following uses are prohibited:

  • Purposes that violate U.S. or state laws or attempt to breach OHSU's computing security systems
  • Participation in chat lines or playing computer games
  • Accessing or displaying materials containing graphic or textual material that is inappropriate for display in a public place
  • Engaging in private or public behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment

Computer use time will be limited to one-hour sessions, except in periods of high demand when time will be limited to 30 minutes (at the Library's discretion.)


Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, unbiased or current information. It is the consumer's responsibility to evaluate the quality and validity of the information found. The Library disclaims any liability arising from access to or use of information from the Internet.