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Gender Affirming Surgery at OHSU Cosmetic and Plastic Services

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery transgender health program provides safe, comprehensive, affirming procedures for the transgender and gender nonconforming communities. Each patient is unique and we offer personalized surgical plans to meet your goals.To assist in making the most out of your time with the provider, the clinic will ask for a recent letter from a treating mental health professional that adheres to the WPATH guidelines.

Chest Surgery

During chest masculinization surgery, unwanted breast tissue is removed and the chest is shaped to achieve a more masculine appearance. Depending on the anatomy of your chest and your gender identity the nipple-areola complex can either be left intact, grafted (relocated) or removed. We use liposuction during this procedure to achieve the most optimal chest contour. Chest feminization involves the implantation of a silicone or saline implant. We strive to provide the most natural look and will counsel you in the pros and cons of the various available approaches.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

FFS is a set of procedures that assist in the feminization of both the bony structures of the face as well as soft tissue and nose. Procedures offered include:

  • Forehead contouring including frontal sinus setback
  • Browlift
  • Hairline advancement
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Cheek augmentation (surgical/non-surgical)
  • Bone-anchored lip lift
  • Jaw contouring
  • Chin surgery
  • Tracheal shave
  • Facial fillers/Botox


Phalloplasty is a complex procedure during which your surgeon will use tissue from other parts of your body to create a natural appearing penis. This can be done with or without creation of a neourethra. Our approach to phalloplasty includes a detailed assessment of your anatomy and your desires. Based on this we tailor an individual treatment plan. We work in close conjunction with our urologist and urogynecologist to provide you with the best care possible.

Tissue that can be used for this purpose:

  • Radial forearm free flap phalloplasty
  • Antero-lateral thigh phalloplasty (pedicled)
  • Myocutaneous latissimus dorsi phalloplasty
  • Abdominal based phalloplasty

Transgender body contouring

Body contouring is a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to assist in sculpting either a more feminine or masculine body shape.

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OHSU Transgender Health Program

OHSU and the Transgender Health Program are dedicated to supporting access to high quality, affirming and welcoming health care for trans women, trans men, gender nonconforming and non-binary individuals.

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