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Cosmetic Laser Services for Birthmarks and Red Spots

Lasers can be effective in reducing the appearance of some birthmarks, hemangiomas and port wine stains.

Birthmarks are very common. They come in many different forms and have many different names, including hemangiomas, port wine stains, café au lait spot, Mongolian spot, nevus, strawberry mark, nevus of Ota, Becker’s nevus and others. Though moles can be birthmarks, moles cannot be treated with lasers. 

The Hemangioma and Vascular Birthmarks Multi-Disciplinary Clinic at OHSU provides special expertise and care for all children with birthmarks or other vascular anomalies.

Hemangiomas and port wine stains

Lasers can be effective in reducing the appearance of some hemangiomas and port wine stains. When a hemangioma is deep, other treatment options may be required. Lasers are the treatment of choice for port wine stains. It may take 10 or more treatments (with a one to two month waiting period between sessions) to completely treat a port wine stain. Early initiation of treatment is recommended since as port wine stains mature, they become more difficult to treat. An additional benefit of treating a port wine stain is that it can also help reduce the risk of further darkening of the birthmark. 

If you are interested in laser treatment, please schedule a consultation with a provider. Your skin and goals are unique and your provider will evaluate your skin and discuss the options available for you. You may need a series of treatments to achieve your goals.