Cosmetic and Plastic Services

Other Facial Services

OHSU plastic and cosmetic surgeons provide a wide array of personalized services to enhance your appearance.

Sometimes you want to focus on a very specific area of the face or skin in a minimally invasive way.

We offer other procedures and treatments that may meet your specific facial skincare need.

Scar revision

As your body heals from an injury, surgery, or even acne, the tissue forms an unavoidable, permanent scar. Scars are a result of both good and poor wound healing. OHSU provides several options that can improve the appearance of scars.


When combined with other minor procedures, dermabrasion can provide excellent smoothing of noticeable acne defects. The acne itself must be inactive prior to dermabrasion.

Tattoo or scar removal

Lasers treatment is a popular option for improving the appearance of scars. Depending upon the type and location of the scar, lasers can be very effective in blending scars into adjacent skin. Read more about tattoo or scar removal.

Steroid injection

Used primarily for hypertrophic or keloid scars, steroid injections help reduce scars by inhibiting fibroblast growth. The lack of fibroblasts reduces the amount of collagen in the scar causing the scar to be less raised and red.

Surgical revision

The goal of surgical revision is to minimize the appearance of a scar, using a variety of wound closure techniques that incorporate the natural lines/creases of the body making scars less noticeable. After a surgical revision your provider may use non surgical procedures to help reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

To help minimize scarring, we also recommend the use of a broad-spectrum (SPF 30 or greater) on all incisions sites.